Baby Not Want To Breastfeed

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Ria - December 14

It's been 3 wks since my baby does'nt like to be br___tfeed. But she likes it in a bottle. Pumping and bottle makes me upset that I really want still my baby to be cuddled in my br___t until her 7 month to a year comes. She's only 3 months old. What do I need to do to get her to latch again? pls help. I do supplement too.


April - December 14

You can see a lactation consultant - but she may just not go back to the b___st! You can't let her starve, but there is nothing wrong with cuddling her next to your chest while you give her a bottle.


Christy - December 14

Have you been pumping while she hasn't been b___stfeeding? If not, your supply will dry up if i hasn't already. Check out: There should only be dashes between "back-to-b___st". Otherwise, you may want to talk to a lactation consultant if there is one in your area.


April - December 15

Stop giving her the bottle. Work on her latch. Bottle fed babies get lazy because they don't have to suck very hard. Your baby won't starve herself. Just keep offering her your b___st.


Kristina - December 16

Some babies don't want to go back to the b___st after bottle feeding cause they find out how much easier the bottle is....Solution: Don't give her the option. I had this problem because I had to bottlefeed Tasia for a couple days while I was in the hospital with food poisoning..and she did not want to go back to the b___st...but I didn't give her the option of the bottle, soon enough she decided she was hungry enough to b___stfeed again and that was the end of the bottle. If you keep breaking and end up giving her the bottle she will figure out that she doesn't have to b___stfeed...she can just refuse until you give her the bottle.


jg - December 21

Gday. I know what its like. My baby preferred the bottle too and my lactation consultant said he had become lazy - why work hard on getting milk from the b___st when it comes straight away from the bottle! I tried to keep it up but got absolutely frazzled when i tried to get my baby to feed from me. He would absolutely roar and scream and throw his head back until I gave in.I ended up weaning at six months and my baby loves being cuddled while having his bottle. He always reaches his hands up to stroke my face so I feel that we are still bonding. Sounds easy to say not to give the option but its so stressful when your baby is throwing a fit and screaming themselves purple. Mine actually pushed me away with his hands (how's that for rejection!). Good luck. Hope the other tips work for you.


C - December 25

You might want to just b___stfeed the first feeding and last. When the baby is most tired and hungry she might not mind. At least you'll get some cuddle time. That's what I do. I had to go back to work so I had no choice but to introduce the bottle. I agree that they just get kind of lazy. I noticed a huge difference when I switched to the fast flow nipple. I don't think I'll do that next time.



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