Baby Prefers Breastmilk To Formula

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Renee-Marie - June 29

I really wasn't prepared for this one since everyone says once you give your baby formula, he/she will prefer that instead, but I've been mixing formula into a bottle of br___tmilk (once a day- at bedtime) and honestly, it doesn't seem like he enjoys it much. Plus he gets very gassy. Anyone else experience this? Should I stop offering a mixed bottle at bedtime?


Jenn2 - June 29

Renee-Marie- My little girl is doing the same thing....except I am doing a full bottle of formula at bedtime, and then b___stmilk during the day. she will take about 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce, and then start screaming her head off. I will then offer her the b___st, and she will suck away for several min., so I know she is still hungry. I dont know why she is rejecting the formula bottle?? I asked the doctor whats the best way to go about introducing it, and he said just to give it to her??? Well, that does not seem to work....she wont take it? I hope someone has a good piece of advice for us.


Renee-Marie - June 29

Jenn2, does your daughter also experience gas?


Susan W - June 29

Why not pump just enough over the course of the day (with a little hand pump, saving whatever is left over after nursing) and use that instead? Many babies are sensitive to the stuff in formula and get ga__sy and are just fine with mom's milk in a bottle. I never bothered though with formula (absolutely no reason to use it at all) or bottles, so maybe someone else will have an idea for you.


Renee-Marie - June 30

Susan W - I do pump. I have an arsenol of b___st milk in the fridge. I just wanted to give a little formula once a day (at night) withthe b___stmilk to help him sleep a little better. Worse case scenerio is that he just doesn't like it. At least I have enough b___stmilk for him. Oh well....


Flower - July 1

Hi... quick question about mixing b___st milk with formula. I pretty much exclusively b___stfeed (this is my second baby) but occa__sionally I will give a bottle of formula when I go out, etc. (sometimes it is just easier than heating stored milk). I was told by a gastro doctor (my oldest had issues with dairy as a baby) never to mix formula and b___st milk because it was too much protein? Have you heard this??


Emmie - July 1

Does he not sleep well through the night when b___stfeeding. I dont know if this would help but my sister in law started giving her baby a b___stmilk bottle at bedtime with a little bit of rice cereal mixed in and he started sleeping through the night right away.


Heather F - July 1

Your body produces the most milk at night and it needs to be stimulated by baby eating, you shouldnt try to get your baby to sleep through the night with cereal or formula so you can sleep - this is the most inportant feeding. By trying to cut it out by supplmenting somthing other then b___st milk you are risking loosing your milk.


JJ5235 - July 2

Emmie you should NOT give rice cereal in a bottle (according to the AAP) first of all and second b___stfed babies do not need solids until 4-6 months. Heather F is axactly right. Why are you using formula ladies? If you are producing enough milk it seems unneccasary to do this. If you think it is going to help your baby sleep longer, it wont. Yes it takes a little longer to digest but it causes bad gas which will wake them sooner. Breastmilk is the liquid gold that your baby needs right now, nothing else!


Heather F - July 2

your right JJ - let your little ones learn to sleep through the night on their own schedule!


Jenn2 - July 3

Renee-Marie- sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I dont seem to have a spare moment anymore. To anser your little girl is having alot of gas and spit-up. The doctor thinks she might be lactose intollerant, or have some kind of milk protein allergy.....which are found in b___stmilk. The reason he told me to try nutramagen is b/c its pre-digested, so her little tummy does not have to do all the work....and therefore she should have less stomach upset. However, she will NOT take formula. We have even tried tricking her and doing a half and half bottle, and she wont take it either. She will take b___stmilk in a bottle, so we know its not the bottle she's rejecting.


tlew - July 5

Jenn 2. My son is going thru the same thing. Have you tried Similac Alimentum, its the same thing as nutramagen, just made by Similac. My son really likes it and he still b___stfeeds at night, but too much b___stmilk makes him real ga__sy and irritable.



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