Baby Vomiting Lots After Every Feed

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kare - October 17

at the moment my baby cant br___tfeed (due to prematurity) however she is having karicare (formula) for most feeds and expressed br___t milk for 3-4 feeds a day... after each feed for the last 24 hours she is vomiting (someitmes projectile) around 2 hours after the last feed (she is feeding about 100mls every 3-4 hrs, however we have dropped it down to 90mls every 3-4 hrs.. yet she is still vomiting..) at first we thought maybe we were giving her too much.. though we cant drop much lower than 90mls every 3-4 hrs.. she is losing out on food! please help us!!!


anne - October 17

try burping often, after every ounce at least. feed her before she gets fussy, so that she isn't gobbling it down too, that seems to help a lot. and yes, it might be too much for her too.. her stomach is the size of her fist, so she can't really take too much in at once. so the burping helps relieve some pressure so that she may continue eating if hungry.


Anon - October 18

Is it possible for you to try and exclusively feed her expressed b___st milk for a day or so? - Just to make sure the reaction isn't caused by the cow's milk protein in the formula.


monica - October 18

is the vomit coming out from her nose too. My friend was having this problem with her baby and she called the doctor the doctor told her that if it was coming out of her nose as well and the milk didnt have a foul smell then it was over eating but foul smell and cottage cheese texture is a sign of a digestion problem.


kare - October 19

hi monica, yes it comes out of her nose and is foul smelling.. anything we can do to help aid digestion problems?? hmm.. anon, im trying to build my supply up more so at the moment.. my milk almost stopped completely over the weekend from lack of breasfeeding and expressing - so i am trying to build the supply back up right now.. hopefully when the supply comes back up i can feed her expressed milk all day to see if that fixes things..


monica - October 19

is she still vomiting? if it is a digestion problem then it could be something that you are eating that is not agreeing with your babies stomach...was the milk that came back curdled?


kare - October 19

monica,, no, not curdled i dont think, looked a bit more liquidy like the formula but foul smelling - like vomit. she has settled down a bit more now. we bought a bouncer and that seems to help her sit more up-right so she can have a bit more control over keeping things down. she has 7-8 wet nappies a day and atleast 1 stool a day, but i was wondering if she might be a bit constipated - blocking up her system? do you think that is a possibility at all? sorry for questions - i have no clue with being a new mum.


monica - October 19

doesnt sound like constipation to me, especially if she has a stool everyday. i still think its over eating.


Mindi - October 23

Kare- my bf just had her first baby and was so scared when her baby did this exact same thing. She took her back to the pediatrician and they told her she had baby acid reflux (there is a technical name for it, but I don't know it). So, they changed formulas and got a special bottle and things have been better ever since.


kare - October 23

aylee's settled down a bit now. we're still giving her the same formula when she isnt having b___stmilk, though we are burping her and sitting her in a bouncer when we are not holding her.. it keeps her more upright and helps her to keep things down better.



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