Baby Won T Latch How Long Could It Take

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Vic - October 8

Well, my baby br___tfed well in the hospital, but ended up with jaundice and I had a very low milk supply. The pediatrician and lactation consultants had me to supplement some formula because she was starving and losing too much weight. (not to mention the inconsoleable crying when she couldn't get any milk out of my br___t) So now I have a little better supply, not enough yet but working on it. And all throughout the bottle feeding I make her take my br___t first and suck as long as she will. But now she is having trouble latching on. Sometimes if she won't, I will give her a tiny bit of formula, and try again. A lot of times she will then take the br___t. But then again a lot of times she will just furiously fight against it. How long will this take? I don't want to give her a bottle, and I make her wait a long time before I give it to her, but I don't want her to starve and I am still only producing about 4-5 ounces per day. I pump every 2 - 2 1/2 hours. I am just really frustrated and feel like this is somehow my fault. I just want to feed my baby!


Yahoo messenger - October 8

Do you have ym if so I will be glad to talk to you my user name is or send me an email first......lisa*9


Morgan - October 8

I'm in the same boat because I have flat nipples. Just keep it up - I made the mistake of offering the bottle first in those wee morning hours to avoid the screaming. As a result, my baby got lazy and went from latching on occasionally to NEVER latching on. So I pumped and pumped, but by the time he was done screaming at my b___st for 45 minutes, eating from a bottle, and then getting to sleep, I hardly had enough time to pump and wash all the a__sociated dishes before it was time for the next feeding. So I joined the many who gave up - but now I really wish I had been more persistant with getting him to latch on. In a way, switching to formula has allowed me to enjoy more time with my baby that is pleasant vs. an all day scream-fest, but I'm still dissapointed that b___stfeeding didn't really work out for me. Good luck, and just keep on her!


KH - October 9

Hi Vic, I was in the same situation with my first child... It took her 7 weeks to latch and I pumped. 2 weeks of that time were my fault (from week 3-5) because I was so frustrated. I didn't even try to have her latch during that time. She had a very small mouth and the nurses told me that when she got a little older she would latch and that 's the only thing that got me through. If I can do it anyone can :)


Maleficent - October 9

babies are lazy little things, its very easy to get milk from a bottle so they sometimes hold out or get upset when the b___st doesn't flow like the bottle does. it will take some time to get her to adjust to the b___st but it can be done. i'd start by throwing out the bottles. trust me, you make more that 4-5 ounces. the ammount you can pump has nothing to do with the ammount baby is able to suckle out of ya. babies are much more effcient than pumps.


Jamie - October 9

Check this out: be exactly what you need!


Vic - October 9

Thanks for the support ladies. I think I just needed some encouragement. KH, that's very helpful to know it can take a while.


wenling - October 9

My baby didn't latch for the first 1 and half month too. I just pumped and pumped for him til one day he decided to latch after a bottle feed. Keep trying and good luck.


carolj - November 12

We had same problems starting with not latching, weight loss, worried dr and lac cons; so we finger fed for 2 wks, used a nipple shield for the next 7 wks. Then, one day, I decided to try to latch while he wasn't hungry. He latched, and hasn't stopped. We've battled yeast along the way, but he only takes 10 oz or less of formula per day (today he only took 2 oz). He's 6 months, and still small, but dr. is happy, and baby is too! I'll answer any questions I can help with. The biggest advice I can give is persist, I'm SO glad I did, as I could have stated just as you that I just wanted to feed my baby (since this was my only shot at b___stfeeding, and flat nipples or not, I wouldn't take no for an answer!).



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