Baby Won T Take A Bottle

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maryg - November 18

Our 10 week old refuses to take a bottle. I'm sure we should have tried harder when she was younger but since I'm a work-at-home-mom we haven't really had to. Now I'd like some freedom and her dad really wants to help feed her but when he's tried to give her a bottle of br___tmilk she goes crazy! She won't take it and cries and gets totally frantic. The first time she may have been hungry but I read that it was better if she wasn't hungry so the second time I nursed her before he tried. We've tried Soothies bottles and Playtex ventaire with a newborn nipple. Would a faster nipple help? Any advice on getting her to like the bottle would be appreciated!


lily10 - November 18

The only bottle my dd would take was the playtex drop ins orthodontic latex nipple, it says for babies 3 months and older but my dd did fine with it at 8 weeks. I think BFed babies like latex nipples better then silicone. Once they get used to taking the bottle you can switch over to silicone. Also what I did was feed dd while she asleep and she eventually took the bottle. Don't go with a faster nipple if anything you want to keep the nipple slower. I tried so many bottles I have a whole bag of different bottles. Have your husband give your LO the bottle. Be patient eventually your LO will take the bottle but they can be pretty stubborn and picky at first. Another bottle my dd would take was the gerber clearview with the latex orthodonic nipple. I think my dd like the orthodontic nipple because it is wide just like our nipples get when they nurse. Good luck!


danimarie - November 18

You may just have to try a few more types of bottles. I have heard different people swear by different types...but really it seems like each baby prefers something different. Kenzie would only take Gerber NUK at first. Eventually she took the Avent bottles too. But she wouldn't have anything to do with the Breastflow bottles which I had heard from a few b___stfeeding moms were the ONLY bottles their kids would take. I'd just keep trying and like lily10 patient. Kenzie would very rarely take a bottle from me....but it always seemed to help if I wasn't around........


milwaukee30 - November 19

We have always used the Avent bottles and they have always worked really well. I agree with Dani -- helps if you are not around at all. I have read that babies can smell b___stmilk in their mom up to 20ft away! So of course if she has the chance of having the real thing why would she take a subst_tute. ALSO...I had something very interesting happen with my b___stmilk. Because of an odd fatty acid after freezing and then thawing my milk it took on this really yucky fishy smell. So I talked to my lactation consultant she said that it is pretty rare but some women will have this problem. The solution was to scald the milk before putting into the bags and freezing it. So you put it in a pan over low/med heat and watch (only takes a quick minute) until the edges start to bubble and then take it off the heat and then you can freeze it. My daughter was refusing a bottle because it tasted awful. Ever since I started scalding the milk it has been fine! If you are freezing your milk try smelling it before you feed it to your daughter. The milk should have sort of a melony sweet smell. Not fishy yucky smell. Just thought I would share...sorry if tmi. Good Luck!


lmk - November 22

I just bought some Adiri bottles...they really look different from everything else out there. Check eBay for deals. They're not cheap but supposedly they have a high baby acceptance rate. They look more like a b___b, LOL. My LO is almost 1 month, and I'm going to try a bottle just so that he can take one if it's ever necessary. I really do love being the only one who can feed him, right now :)



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