Baby Won T Take A Bottle And I Want Some Freedom Back

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KOGreer - November 25

I mostly br___tfeed my 5 mo old son, but from weeks 2 ~ 8 he took a daily bottle of pumped milk just fine. Then all of a sudden he turned his nose up to the bottle, and won't take one anymore. We have tried everything; different bottles, different nipples, a sippy cup, formula... Now it is just getting ridiculous. I can't go anywhere for more than three hours because I need to be there to feed him. Has anyone had this problem before? And how did you get past this hurdle? Everyone says that if he gets hungry enough he'll eat, but I really don't want to see my son go all day without eating, just to gag at the site of the bottle.


excited2bemama - November 26

Have you tried a medicine dropper??? A friend of mine uses that with her dd (actually her dh does when she works nights as he won't take a bottle either. My dd has refused the bottle on and off... when she refuses it I offer it to more often.. she used to only take it for DH (somehow she knows her is all business) but now she takes it for me too


KOGreer - November 26

you know, I had to give him a dropper a few weeks ago when he got a horrible stomach virus and could only keep down pedialyte. I was thinking of doing that if necessary, but it would take a lot of drops to fill this little guy up! I guess it is a good backup though. Thanks!


krc - November 27

the whole point of b___stfeeding is to nourish your baby with nature's best. It's not like you have to sacrifice that much more of your time....hang in there and soon he wont need to nurse anymore.


tryingx3 - November 27

my dd held out until I would get to her as well...she never took more than 1 oz at a time from a bottle...we started working on a sippy cup at 6months, but even now at 14 months she prefers me and barely drinks from a sippy. Talk about STUBBORN! I wonder where she gets it? :-)


Emmie - December 4

I definitly know the feeling my son was the same way. A big part of his problem is probably taking it from you. You could try having Dad or Grandma give him a bottle occa__sionally.


mshanson - December 27

SOMEONE ELSE! Thank goodness! My mother in law has made me feel like a I'm the only one who's ever had this problem (because of course, her children were perfect). My son took a bottle great for a few weeks when he was around 6 weeks old, and now refuses. We've done the same, tried different bottles, nipples, sippy cups etc.. and nothing. He will absolutely NOT take it from me, and will occa__sionally take a bottle for my husband, but even then maybe an ounce, tops. I've pretty much given up because it's not worth it. He'll play around with it for awhile, you'll think he's going to take it, and then he just starts getting mad. So we've pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that until he weans himself off, our dates are limited to after 8:30 pm when he's in bed :o)


Lizzylou - January 5

I wonder if babies kind of know when they are ready to wean. My son weaned himself around 8-9 months because the bottle was faster. I would have been willing to b___stfeed longer but he chose. I know it can feel like you never get a break from your son if he won't take a bottle. I had times where I told my hubby that he was his responsibility for the next few hours and I would only feed him. It wasn't the best way to take a break but it helped.


KOGreer - January 5

I know, it really gets frustrating at times. Then again, I guess I would rather he want only the b___b than no b___b at all. We have been trying different sippy cups this week (he is now 6.5 mos). I found one that just 'spills' into his mouth. And he is ok with it since I put apple juice in there. But again it would take a long time to fill him up.


Kristin72 - January 6

OMG..yes..My little one is now 13 months. She use to take formula occasionally or expressed milk in a bottle when I had go out or work. At 6 months to the day I had to be in a wedding party and she flat out refused the expressed and formula. I knew I would have to be away from her and I was also working a few days just before. I frantically tried to build up a frozen back up. I had about 20 bottles. It was so exhausting trying to do it..but finally had enough for my mother and mil to give to the baby in my absence. Well the lo flat out went on a milk strike would not take formula or expressed milk from a bottle sippy cup from a cup. They tried everything and she would only take it from me and waited for 12 hours for me to get home. My mom gave her cereal with formula mixed in but that is all she would take and again it was very little. Well, since then I have tried everything..she still will only take milk from me..NO formula except in her cereal in the morning (and that is often forced or tricked into her eating it through distraction or mixing with fruit. and I have tried to introduce homo but she does not want anything to do with it. I feel jipped like what did I do wrong? I love bf'ing but hate how it ties me down. The lo is a very needy baby and was also colicky until 5 1/2 months or so. She also goes to sleep with the b___b and has a little nurse before naps. I thought I would have weaned her by now but feel that she is still getting her optimal nutrition from me since she will not take any subst_tutes. The dh is frustrated as he thinks we have no life anymore...well he does...but I don't. In fact he is out with the boyz for a drink now as I stay home..AGAIN> The other day I tried her with chocolate milk and she took it from a straw. But the chocolate?? Can't be good. Anyway, she will take water from a sippy as well as juice..but her biggest preference is the b___b and she will never refuse it and often starts lifting my shirt right b4 bed to have ler b___st friends come out. I need a life. So my suggestions is just keep on offering the formula otherwise you'll end up like me 13 months.. and no sign of weaning in sight and no other milk options available. I need help.


tynadu - January 6

KOGreer - I just wanted to know if you found something that worked. I have to go back to work after I give birth. Well about 8 or 9 weeks later.


KOGreer - January 6

Oh man, Kristin, so not the answer I was looking for! I was hoping someone would pipe in and say 'don't worry, it will get better in another month he'll start weaning himself"! I don't want my son to be pulling up my shirt in a few months and asking for lunch. We found a sippy cup that "spills" juice into his mouth. He won't suck it, but it will get some liquid in if need be. But I haven't tried giving him a full meal's worth of formula in the cup yet. Kind of scared to!



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