Baby Wont Take Breast

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Karen S - June 1

My son is 4 weeks and bf has been going great until that past couple days. Today he wont even take my br___t. He eats for like 2 seconds and then makes a nasty face and starts to cry. Should I pump into a bottle? I have another forum on here about him possibly being colic and between the times that he is upset he will only take a bottle. But I thought it was just for that time. What do I do


Karen S - June 1

Please help


Susan W - June 1

Do you have a fast letdown?? Or a strong one? That could be reasons he is fussing at the b___st. He would be getting overwhelmed with milk. Alternatively, if you have a slow let down, it may be frustrating him that he's not getting milk right away. Or he could seriously be having nipple confusion. Someone ONCE gave a bottle to my DS and I had so much trouble nursing after that! Some babies just prefer the bottle -- the milk comes out much easier --and until I forced the issue, with many tears on both our parts, nursing was a struggle. Check out your letdown and post back. . . .Hang in there. You are doing the right thing for your baby by b___stfeeding, even though it's very hard!


Heather F - June 1

At 4 weeks giving a bottle could cause more trouble then its worth, the baby could have nipple confusion from it and just refuse to nurse at all. My baby sometimes screams when I am trying to nurse her, I find that I just have to stop, distract her and stop the cries and try again when she is calm. Does he arch his back when he is eating, because then it might be reflux. good luck, keep trying, you'll get over the hurdle - once they reach like 8 weeks it becomes second nature and so much easier!


Karen S - June 1

Im not sure if he arches his back or if it is just stretching. He has been fine with taking a bottle and nursing in the past. He actually had prefered my b___st then the bottle in the past. I was the only thing that would calm him down. My mil is a ped. and she even noticed how he didn't like the bottle so thats good right? Im gonna talk to her tonight but before I got her opinion I always think it's nice to have others first:) Thanks so much for all of your help:)


^lucy^ - June 3

it could be either that the milk is flowing fast and ur son isn't able to catch up feeding so he cries and fusses while nursing which is what my baby girl 2 weeks old does.. or u can check his tongue if its red or anything, that's what they told me to check first when my baby as crying when nursing.. good luck, things will hopefully get better soon :)



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