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lily10 - October 7

I have been back to work for a week and a half now and am noticing a decrease in my supply. I am only able to pump 2X per day while at work and I have a 9 hour work day on top of a 1 hour commute each way. I am able to pump between 14-17oz in those two pump sessions which is not so bad but when I get home I seem to not be producing as much milk. My DD gets frustrated at my br___t and it seems she may be preferring the bottle now : (. This weekend I figured I would nurse her all weekend but so far today I have had to pump twice because she is frustrated at my br___t. It went from not being able to get her to drink anything from the bottle to her drinking from any bottle you put in her mouth. I hope this is a phase but I really believe my work day is just so long that my supply lowering may just be inevitable. Anyone going through or been through a similar situation?


DB - October 7

Yes and it sucks. I am currently in the process of weaning my 8 month old dd because of low supply and mutual frustration...although my goal was 10 months minimum, I guess I'm happy we did make it this far...but for the last couple of months what I found that helped was moving my second pumping session a bit earlier so that my b___sts had more time to fill by the time I got home. Is there anyway you can pump once right before work (maybe in your car if that is an option), just for extra stimulation? I would also pump a little longer, meaning even after the milk stops flowing, keep pumping for a few minutes for extra stimulation. I'm sorry you're going through this! I truly understand your frustration. I must admit, I HATE bottles! I guess I'm "jealous" of them....I feel like she prefers them to me! I'm sure you understand. I hope you're able to maintain your supply...don't give up! Oh yeah, also research nursing strikes, although I think those happen with older babies. It's hard to work full time and make it to the 12 month mark.


jen327 - October 7

I would stick with it and just keep going as you are. Change if hard for the little ones and she will get used to it. Also, you may want to try the b___stflow bottle by first years. It makes the baby suck the same way as b___stfeeding, normal bottles have a different suck. She will also get the milk slower with more work, so it wont be as "easy" as the normal bottle. My son does great going from b___st to bottle and has no issues, but he did when we used the Advent bottle. Anyway, good luck and keep your chin up you are doing great. Is there any way you can pump more on her schedule? Like every 3-4 hours? The reason is if you are going so long in between feedings you b___sts are not going to fill up as fast after she nurses on the weekend. They will go as long as you are pumping before they are totally full again. So if you can pump in the bathroom or something this may really help the situation.


spamanda - October 8

Lily -- I work 10 hour days and I was only able to pump twice a day, too. Try not to get too discouraged, being frustrated will only frustrate her more. She's probably just out of sorts from you going back to work. I was able to exclusively b___stfeed (no formula) until about 8 mos., and then we had to start supplementing once a day with formula. I pumped at about 10 am (I nursed him right away in the morning, at about 6am, then went to work) and pumped again around 3pm. THen we'd nurse at 6ish, as soon as I was home from work. This was actually pretty close to his "real" schedule, or at least as close as I could come and not p__s off my boss, lol. Be sure you're drinking plenty of water... I have a tendency to forget to do that at work. Good luck! Working long shifts with a babe and pumping is difficult to do, but it can be done. ~spam



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