Bad Feeding Habits Or Is This Normal

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tara - September 16

The nurse had told me to feed 15-20 minutes from each br___t each feeding session. My daughter is 6 weeks old now and in the past few days she eats about 10-15 minutes from one br___t and falls a sleep and looks very content. I try to wake her up and finish feeding but she is not interested at all. She'll sleep for 40 minutes to an hour and get up to eat again for the same amount of time. This goes on all day and is really frustrating as I can get nothing else done. I wonder if this is normal for a baby at 6weeks or if I need to talk to someone else about this.


KH - September 16

It depends how much she is sleeping total per day. If she is only up for 10 hours a day then she needs to get a feeding every hour. My son is the exact same way and just a week ago, he improved drastically. I too was losing my mind. He was 8 weeks when it started improving. and yes, eating from one b___st for that time is completely normal!


tara - September 16

Is your son sleeping more now or just eating better? I havn't counted the hours she is awake but I will do that and see how she is doing. Thanks.


C - September 17

This is totally normal. Unless your baby seems like she's not thriving....wet and poopy diapers, gaining weight. Right now you need to listen to her. It does get better. I went back to work at 6 weeks so I'm not sure if that made a difference. Once I went back to work everything got so much easier. He now goes 2-4 hours between bottles/b___stfeeding. He still requires a lot of attention and I still complain but compared to the first 6 weeks I'm in heaven.


tara - September 18

It was so much easier at first when she would eat for 30-40 minutes and sleep more. But now that she only eats for 10-15 minutes and wakes up in about 30 minutes to an hour I have a really hard time getting anything done and getting rest. This has been the most challanging for me so far. Now that she has more awake time I find my self trying to put her to sleep because I'm so tierd; then I realize she is growing and needs play time as well. But at least now I know it is normal. Thanks.


Jamie - September 18

My daughter was doing this, too - I felt like I was going crazy cause I wasn't sleeping, didn't have time to eat, etc - the doctor told me that a safe way to break your baby of this habit is to not nurse her; if she eats from 9 to 9:30, don't let her nurse again until 11, even though she'll cry...she'll be hungrier, and eat more, and so last longer between feedings. Once you have her eating every 2 hours, make her wait 2.5 hours; then make her wait 3 hours, until she's only nursing every 2.5 hours to 3 hours. It won't hurt her, and it'll help you gain/retain sanity.


Jenn.. - September 18

Please do not skip a feeding for your baby. If your baby is crying that is because she needs something. If you continue feeding her from only one b___st and she is actively sucking and swallowing, your supply is going to increase at that b___st to be enough to fufill her for a longer period of time. Soon your milk will flow quicker and her tummy will be more full in the same or a shorter amount of time. It sounds like you are doing a great job following your babies cues and doing what she NEEDS right now. Soon enough things will be easier for you, I promise. I went through the same thing with my son and at about 2 months everything turned around.


tara - September 18

Thanks for your advice ladies. It's really helpful to know that there are others who have gone through this too. The support is helpful. Jamie, I have tried to let her go for longer than an hour twice, but when I'm home alone it is really hard to do this on my own. I need my husband or someone else here with me for support. Jenn... I make sure that she is fed at least 8-10 times a day and even more when I think she is going through a growth spurt. Thanks for all the support :-)


Jamie - September 29

Tara, have things gotten any easier on you?


Erin - September 30

My baby is 5 weeks and does the same thing. It is called cluster feeding. It is very frustrating and inconvienient....but it will get better!!!



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