Battling With Breastfeeding

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Jef - March 31

My son is 15 weeks old,for a week now I battle with him to have a br___t feed. He has started on solids and seems to enjoy his food. Certain times he will take to the br___t and other times he will not or it will take a while and once he drinks he drinks for a while. what can it be


michelle - March 31

Go to La Leche League's website and check out "nursing strike." A stuuffy nose, teething, ear infection, etc. can make it uncomfortable for a baby to nurse. This site will have suggestions on how to handle these problems. Good luck.


Maleficent - April 1

15 weeks is very young to be switching to table foods. personally, i'd stop giving the table foods untill nursing is well established again.


Stephanie ~Skyes Mom~ - April 2

I agree with Maleficent. The b___st is the best and you should not start solids until at least 6 months of age. You baby needs the nutrition from you and can not get the proper nutrition from solid foods. You may notice even more of a fussy baby if you continue the solid food because your baby is not old enough to be able to digest the foods properly. If your baby absolutely will not eat you may want to discuss that with your local doctor. You may be eating something that does not agree with baby, and may need to switch to a formula, or even a soy formula depending on lactose intolerance which could be an option in this case! Is your baby fussy a lot??? It could be gas, acid reflux(if baby is fussy, spits up a lot, and arches back). It is very unlikely that baby has an ear infection at this age but it could be possible. I think in this case you really need to consult a doctor! Good luck and all the best to you!


Stephanie ~Skyes Mom~ - April 2

I also forgot to mention trying different positions of b___stfeeding as well! It may work their is the football hold, laying down and of coarse the cradle which i guess you do now. Try and make sure that you are relaxed and not stressed out as well, when your stressed baby is stressed. So before putting the baby to the b___st, try to calm down, for instance by resting for some time, having something nice to drink, etc. This should become a ritual, repeated before each feeding session. For instance you might make a cup of tea and drink it, or lie down with closed eyes for five minutes. Be sure to sit or lie down in a comfortable position and that you can remain undisturbed. Also sounds, lightes and many other things can cause stimulation and may make baby not as committed to eating, so be in a calm, quiet environment! Let that be your quality bonding time where you can look at your baby and smile, rub his little precious hand, or head. Sign softly to him or even play soft low toned music!


michelle - April 2

If you are eating something that does not agree with your baby, you do not need to start giving the baby formula. Just stop eating the offending food. And start reading labels. My son had a cow's milk allergy, diagnosed after an anaphylactic reaction to infant formula. I cut all milk products out my diet. You wouldn't believe the foods that contain some form of cow's milk -- tootsie rolls, even! Eventually he outgrew the allergy and i could eat ice cream again.


Stephanie ~Skyes Mom~ - April 4

Michellle is right, try cutting out the dairy, that was my daughters problem as well. And just because you don't see milk as an ingredient does not mean that there is no milk ingredient, look for such things as Lactoglobulin Lactose Lactalbumin Lactalbumin phosphate Sodium lactylate (may or may not contain casein) Lacto globulin Lactose Lactulose Magnesium caseinate Malt Milk Protein Whey powder Here is a really great site listing things that contain milk ingredient that you may want to check out. Let us know more about babies symptoms like if he is arching his back, miserable, and spitting up a lot! It may be acid reflux, it hurts their poor precious little tummies!



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