Been Bottle Feeding But Wanna Breastfeed Too Late

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sherry - August 31

hey girls. i am new here. i have a 4 week old little girl, and in the beginning, i br___tfed a couple times, and then stopped, became engorged, and the bb's went down, however i could still squeeze milk from my br___ts,. it doesn't squirt out, it just dribbles, sorry if this is tmi. anyway, my daughter has been going for the br___t so i have let her, the past couple days. i know she isn't getting much of anything, but she sucks away and then i give her her bottle feeds. at least iam getting some bonding, if nothing more, but does anyone know, if it's possible to get your milk supply back. like i said i am not engorged anymore, but still can excrete something, so iam not toally dried up. will my body produce milk if i keep things up and keep on trying? will i engorge again? iam sad i stopped really. thanks for listening.


Jenn... - August 31

Yes, you can do it!! Keep doing what you are doing as often as possible. Contact a lactation consultant they can help a lot.


KH - August 31

there is also a medicine you can go on for short term (a week maybe) that increases your prolactin levels and your milk would prob. come back if what you're doing now doesn't work.


EM - September 1

Supply and demand - I've heard lots of people nursing then pumping right after to really increase the demand put on your supply. Beware though - early on my son would easily go from bottle to b___st and be happy but at about 6 or 7 weeks old he would no longer take the b___st (would just scream his head off till I gave him the bottle). Every baby is different but don't be upset with yourself if this happens. If your are really determined you may want to limit bottles to 1 or 2 a day. She may camp out on your b___bs all day till your milk increases though making mom VERY sore. Lots to consider. Whatever happens - sounds like you love your daughter lots and are a great mom either way.


wenling - September 3

yes it's possible!!! Just continue doing what you're doing.I had a friend did just that. Cos her baby seems allergic to everything.So she tried to re lactate. Buy yourslef a good pump too.


miranda - September 7

It's entirely possible, just like everyone else has said. You should call a certified lactation consultant (maybe through your hospital?) and they will be able to give you lots of support, but it's completely possible and not too late at all. The more she sucks, the more milk there will be.



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