Best BOTTLE For Breastfed Baby

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Jenn... - May 7

I plan to br___tfeed my baby, but I know there may be times when he must be fed my expressed milk with a bottle. There may even be times my husband might want to feed him with a bottle. From your experience what bottles are best to avoid nipple confusion? What are the bottles to avoid?


LS - May 8

Playtex nursers are working great for me. Their nipples are nautral latch nipple and are good for b___st feed babies.


Ali - May 8

I was very happy with Avent bottles. It's a nice silicone nipple with a wide surface to help the baby more approximate a nursing latch as opposed to a bottle suck. Good luck.


Maleficent - May 9

i love the playtex bottles!!! the bag compresses as baby drinks and that means baby gets less air and the nipple wont collapse. with regular bottles baby has to unlatch to let air in or the nipple goes flat, this is very confusing for nursing babes. and they make sooo many differnt nipples that will fit on the same bottle. you can buy them separate for a very reasonable price to find one baby likes.


Jeanie - May 10

I see people say they love the Playtex bottle, but it was among the "not recommended" in a few articles I read... My reading suggested that you need to be certain that the nipple you choose forces the baby's mouth to be open an inch+ as if they were latching on to your nipple. The Avent shaped nipple does that (although you can find that shape in other brands too).


Steph - May 10

I b___stfed my first son and also used a bottle. We used Playtex and Avent. With the Playtex disposibles, I used larger nipples (he didn't like the smaller ones that came standard.) that I found at Baby Depot/Burlington Coat Factory.


jolanta - June 1

well i really don;t know because i am having a really hard time getting my baby to take abottle


C - June 2

I also use the Playtex nurser with the bags. My sister in law gave me Avent and I tried those last week and he refused that nipple. I introduced the bottle at 5 days because his doctor said he needed supplementation. Luckily he'll take both b___st and bottle now. I have to go back to work when he's 6 weeks so I couldn't risk him not taking a bottle. That is another reason I introduced the bottle so soon. Don't wait too long to introduce the bottle or they might not take it.


something different! - June 11

I use a normal bottle with an orthodontic nipple. My baby will take that or the b___st. The shape of the nipple also helps keep her from biting on it, thus keeping her from wanting to bite me!


KH - June 11

I like avent best and I used a bunch of different ones.


P - June 11

I also tried a bunch of different ones and found they were all to fast except for the Avent newborn. My daughter was getting very confused because I would sometimes give her a bottle if my b___sts were too sore or she was still hungry. The b___st took a lot of work but the bottle nearly drowned her because she was used to having to pull so much. The Avent is nice and slow; much closer to an actual nipple.


tanzy - June 22

I've used them all. And you probably will too. Every baby is different. First I used Dr.Brown's, then Playtex disposable, Advent, and I ended up with Gerber bottles and the NUK latex nipple. My baby loves the NUK nipple. Only when I used this nipple was I able to fully wean him away from the b___st.


Katharine - June 22

My baby loved NUK nipples and pacifiers (after we "starved" her onto a bottle-long story...), but every baby is different. My advice would be not to buy any more than one bottle of any type until you know if your baby will take it. We spent a lot of money trying to get it right.


Cathy - July 16

My lactation consultant suggested the Playtex Nurser. She said most of the public believes that Avent bottles are best for b___stfed babies because their marketing is the best. I went with Playtex bottles for when I need to pump and bottle feed and it worked for my twins. Like everyone else said...every baby is different. At 3 1/2 months old I'm having trouble getting my babies to take pacifiers....any suggestions?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 17

Cathy- Try the Gerber Soft Center Silicone pacifiers. They are the only ones my baby will take and she uses the playtex nurser system. The only place I have been able to find the silicone ones are Target. They have latex at Walmart but she doesnt like the taste of latex. She also likes them because they dont touch her nose and she hates anything that touches her nose! lol


elizabeth - July 18

I like the playtex nursers and they are so easy to clean and have differend flow nipples



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