Best Nursing Pads

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Shannon - December 11

i was just wondering if any of you had an opinion on nursing pads? which brand is the best do you think?


April - December 11

I use cloth pads at home and just wash them with my whites. When I go out I use Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads. They are thin so you can't see them through your shirt. They absorb like a diaper. It gels so it doesn't stay wet on the surface. They are individually wrapped so you can throw some in the diaper bag and they don't get dirty.


Christy - December 11

Lansinoh hands down, followed by Medela. I hate the Avent pads, but I bought a huge box and haven't used them all yet.


Christy - December 11

April- How many reusable pads do you have and ofen do you change them? What brand do you have/like? I thought about getting those but didn't know much about them.


Brenda - December 11

I agree Lansinoh works best for me. I like the gel because i don't even feel that i leaked until i notice the gel in the pad. it absorbs very good.


lisa - December 11

Jonsons and jonsons I find are the best, lansinoh and mothercare and boots own the frill round the edge itched, i have some cloth ones too but they are flat not shapped and quite thick so show through clothes, i also found my niples stuck to the fluffy cloth, jonsons are shapped


dawn c - December 11

i like johnson and johnson also


Babygirls1st - December 11

I've tried them all.....Johnson & Johnson works the best for me!!!!


mom42 - December 11

Lansinoh. If you're careful, you can get them cheaper on e-bay than Wal-mart.


Heidi - December 11

Johnson & Johnson work great. I get them really cheap at a discount market cus the boxes are damaged. I have like 300 of the things!


April - December 12

Shannon - I have 18 cloth b___st pads. 8 are Bravado(best), 4 are Kushies(ok), 4 are I can't remember(tear drop shaped, too thin worst) I would recommend the Bravado $20cdn for 10 they are the most absorbant and have a stay dry type lining. Sort of pricey but My b___st were so leaky I would go through them all in one day! My little guy is 5 months now and my one b___st still leaks a lot so I am getting my moneys worth. I ordered online they came in a few days.


Kristina - December 16

I use johnson & johnson cause they are the only ones that don't make me itch like crazy!!!!


C - December 18

I buy the Gerber brand. I used the extra absorbent at first (hard to find). Now that I rarely leak I buy the regular Gerber ones. I like them because they are very thin and you don't feel like you are wearing a pad. At first when you leak a ton, you can't use the really thin ones.


Christy - December 19

Hey- I tried the Johnson and Johnson ones. Those are nice too- very smooth and soft.


Chrissy - December 27

I think the Curity nursing pads are the best. They are very comfortable and fit into a regular and nursing bra the best. I have tried all the brands and this one is the softest and most comfortable.


Frances - December 28

My main complaint with the ones that we given to me was that they did not have adhesive on the back. The rest were fine with me as long as that adhesive was there as I had one make it most of the way out my collar as I was doing dishes with my mother. How embara__sing!!



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