Best Nursing Positioner Boppy Not Working For Me

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Ann1 - March 12

My back has been killing me from trying to keep my baby positioned correctly while nursing. I have tried the Boppy and manipulating regular pillows. Neither worked for me, and I would like to try something else to be able to nurse in the cradle position. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


kellens mom - March 12

Glad to hear that I am not the only one who could not use a boppy. I finally found a house hold pillow that worked. At first I folded it in half and as dd grew, I was able to keep it unfolded. I am so sorry that I don't have any suggestions. We were ackward at nursing, so the football hold was the only one we mastered those first months. It will get easier. I still remember a sore back from simply holding my little she weight more than twice that amount and I don't have near the problems that I used to have. I think the body adapts. Keep going girl!


DDT - March 12

I've saw a breasfeeding pillow at BabyRUs last week that I've never seen before. I don't remember what it was called but it strapped to your waist and the "pillow" that you lay your baby on had more of a hard surface. It was supposed to be better for your back. Maybe go check them out or search their website.


tryingx3 - March 12

Boppy didn't really do it for me either...I usually used the boppy but put another pillow UNDER to keep her from being too low. I eventually put the boppy in the closet, now back out and using it for her to "sit up" in. Football hold was best for us when using the boppy as well.


DB - March 12

I find using the boppy works when I'm sitting in certain positions. I feed her on the couch a lot so putting a pillow under my leg on the side she is feeding on helps us. We're wierd because we do the cradle for the left side and the football hold for the right side!! For some reason it works out easier, maybe because I'm right handed. I've also used a rolled up blanket which is firmer than most pillows so she doesn't just sink down into the pillow.


Lala - March 12

I think DDT is talking about the "Breastfriend" pillow. Also, I saw on Ebay one that says it's twice as thick as Boppy. I thought that sounded really good.


Ann1 - March 13

Thanks for all the input, and it is nice to know that there are other people that can't get comfortable w/the Boppy! I went to Babies R Us yesterday, and they only had the Boppy and one other foam wedge pillow. So, I went to Right Start and got the pillow, My Brest Friend (lol on the name!) for $40. My son is almost 3 weeks old, and I wish I would have bought this sooner. It straps around you and also supports your back. Once I get him attached, I can nurse hands free. I don't think this pillow would work for any hold other than the cradle/modified cradle, however. It also may not work well for someone extremely small or extremely large, because it wraps around your body. I had a c-section, and it keeps my baby above the parts that are still sore.


Emmie - March 14

I use this littl epillow that a friend of mine made. It is like a toddler sized pillow and it fits perfectly under my elbow. Hope this helps.



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