BF And Pooping Too Much

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FinallyPreggers - December 31

My LO is 5 weeks today and is EBF (although they made me give him 20 mls of formula in the hospital at 3 days because he was losing too much weight). He asks to eat anywhere from 1 hour and 20 mnutes to 5 hours after the start of the last feeding. He eats for anywhere between 10 minutes and 45 minutes (total time for both br___ts). The time between feedings does not seem to correlate with the length of the previous feeding. I have trouble burping him. He usually spits up (no curdles, so I think it is spit up and not throw up) instead of burping. One of the lactation consultants and one book said that at 3 weeks of age, the digestive system could mature and thus effeiciently digest all the br___t milk. So, at three weeks of age, he could go to pooping once a day or even once a week. Well, my LO poops all the time (5-8 times in 24 hours)! Sometimes he wakes at night because he's pooping and not because he's hungry. His poops can be rather large in volume and gasey. My favorite is at night. I change a rather full poopy diaper only to have him start again as soon as I get the next diaper securely on his bottom (at least he waits!) Am I doing something wrong? Am I feeding him too much? I ask for three reasons. 1. He looks so uncomfortable sometimes. Burping/spitting up/pooping often cures it, but sometimes it takes a lot of time for that to happen. 2. Is he pooping too much? 3. It's a blessing when he goes 5 hour between feedings at night. When he goes 1 hour and 20 minutes, I get frustrated.


britt_m - January 8

This is completely normal. I b___stfeed my dd for 12.5 months and stopped due to pregnancy, she was like that until I start consistantly feeding her solids. Now my ds is 3 1/2 months and is still like that. I'd say there may be 2 or 3 pee-only diapers a day. Sometimes theres not too much and other times it fills the diaper and comes up the back! He's wearing size 3's to give him a bit of extra room for that poop to go but, I noticed today after an up the back poo, there isn't much extra room anymore!


jenna32 - January 10

i had the opposite problem around that age. Spitting up is more rare for my b___stfed baby anyway. As long as when he is crying you check his diaper as well as if he is hungry instead, he's probably just hungry. It could be something to do with the food you are eating maybe? i'm no expert just some thoughts.



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