BF And TTC And Nervous About It

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oncemore - February 25

Hello gals. I hope all are doing well. I never thought that I would even have to worry about what I am worring about, but here I am. I am TTC while bf my 7 mo old dd. I have two older children that I nursed for a full year. With both of them, I didn't have AF until I stopped nursing. There is a big age gap between my two older children and my 7 mo old. My dh and I want to have our last one asap and we were surprised when I had AF so soon after this pregnancy (big mess up in bf schedule due to hospital stay for my baby and she wouldn't take a bottle or pacifier and so I was her comfort while in the hospital every 2 hours or when ever they had to mess with her- Hospital beds for moms are not comfortable by the way). When we went home after a three night stay and all is well, she went back to her regular bf schedule (she is such an angel! Has been sleeping through the night since 2 months! Very good baby! If not, I don't think my hubby or myself would be so eager to get going on number four). I think this is why I had AF so soon. I think my bf routine got confused and bam, AF! I started taking my bbt and charting from the first day of cycle. I was excited because my niece and I were on the very same cycle day and both of us ttc. I used OPKs and with temp, cervicle fluid and opks I showed I ovulated! But then AF came 4 days sooner than expected and one day sooner than when I was going to do a pg test. I was bummed out. Now I am on my 2nd cycle post partum and on CD 4 and waiting to "O". My niece called me last night and she is pregant! I am so excited for her! I hope this is my month, but I am worried about m/c or the possiblity that it might be hard for me to get pregnant while bf. I will not stop bf until at least 10 months for my dd. Anybody out there ever dealt with being pregnant while bf and have some advice? I almost wonder if this last cycle where I started early was a possible pregnancy but not successful since my bbt stayed up until today and the bleeding and how it started was different than my usual af. I have to chalk it up to my hormones being all weird since just 7 months postpartum and bf and all. I want this month to work (it has never been hard for me to get pg and for that I am very thankful. I just hope this time isn't going to be hard). If this cycle doesn't work, then we are going to wait a month or two to avoid a december due date. By the way, I am 37 this summer and would love to be done with our family by the end of this year. I would love to hear any advice or stories of being pg while nursing such a little one. Thanks!


olivia - February 26

Hi, My daughter was about 7 months when I got pregnant. I was exclusively bf for 5 1/2 months, then had introduced rice cereal. I got my period immediately after introducing cereal and had one more period 6 weeks later. Then I was pregnant. I nursed her for a couple months into the pregnancy and noticed she wasn't getting much milk. I didn't feel any milk letting down and her nursing was really starting to tickle and feel odd. So I mixed up her first bottle of formula at 8 months and she downed it. I never got engorged, maybe one night of pressure, and my supply was gone. My son was born 8 months later and my milk came in on the second day! He had seedy yellow poops before we even left the hospital! I have no tips on how or when I ovulated. Based on my second period I should have been two weeks ahead of what I was with my son. So I ovulated at 4 weeks after my period. They made a due date based on his ultrasound size rather than my last period. I'd say if you really want to get pregnant just keep at it and try not to plan too hard! I had a December baby and it was actually fun. They had little holiday shirts and hats for them at the hospital and the whole family was in town for the holidays and to meet him while he was still a week old. So that was nice. Anyway, good luck to you and your family. Hopefully #4 is ready and waiting!


oncemore - February 26

Oliva, Thank you so much. I am hoping that this cycle will work. I would like to bf until at least my dd turns 10 months so I hope that I can have milk until then. She loves rice cereal mixed with any veggie or fruit. But she wont even bat an eye at formula. I have tried just to see if she would take it. She wont even take MY milk from a bottle. I am working on getting her to take a bottle with some water and a very little amount of apple juice and she is thinking about it. LOL Thanks again for your response!


olivia - February 26

my dd never took a bottle either! She was so stubborn and had never had one no matter how hard we tried. I would leave her with my in laws for 5 hours after she was 6 months and she'd still just wait for me to come home (maybe take 1 oz if she was starving). by the time i was pregnant and she weaned she just took it. I was so surprised and proud of her. I am not promising yours will be the same, but it does happen. We did the bottle for 3 months after she weaned then went to sippy cup when she turned 1. Some bf moms go to a cup directly but i did not have the patience for the spills so we did sippy cup mostly. I say just keep bf and when you get pregnant see how it goes. It was actually a pretty easy transition when i look back. let me know if you get pg, i hope you do!


Brooke - February 27

Hey, I'm currently bfing my 2-month old son, and we're ttc number 2. DH and I decided a long time ago that we wanted two back to back, within 1 year if possible, but I want my son to get the benefits of b___st milk. I haven't had a period, and I was just wondering if anyone knew how common it is. I'm hoping to drop the 2am feeding sometime this week or next week, I think my son will be ready. I just hope that's enough to give me back my ovulation!


oncemore - February 27

Olivia, I know what you mean about the stubborness, LOL. My ds (who is 81/2 yrs old) my first, and he was the worst of all my three! We tried everything under the sun but to no luck. Had him take a sippy cup of water (he wouldn't even do juice mixed) at 6 months old and on. It took a little work with doing it, but at least with water there was not the sticky mess (I am a little nuts about cleaness-not too extreme now that I have three children, LOL) My first two wouldn't even take a pacifier! This was not good when I had to even go out to grocery shop. So on my third, I let the nurses in the nursery run the show while I got sleep at night in the hospital for those first two nights, and let me tell ya, that is the way to go! THEY got my third to take a pacifier and a bottle (just twice with 1 oz of formula) so I kept it up with one bottle of pumped milk a day with her and then all of the sudden at 3 months old she didn't want it even with my milk. She almost wouldn't take a pacifier but I was so persistant with that part. Now she will take the pacifier to go to sleep and sometimes to play with. We will keep working on the water and juice in the bottle and sippy cup. She mainly makes a wet mess of herself, but yesterday she actually drank like an once with real effort, so I hope we are on the right track. I just hope she will drink formula if my milk drys up before she is 11 months old. Thanks for the advice and comfort!


oncemore - February 27

Brooke-----Oh darlin, I sure hope it works for you- to get your af this soon. I know I was really hoping to get mine back to get pg right after this one (my 7 mo old). With my first two kids I nursed for a year and didn't get af until I dried up and then af came. I believe I only got af so soon with this one (my third) because she had a stay in the hospital (with me since I was her food supply) for three nights and her feeding schedule got so screwed up. She went back to eating every 2 hours (because that is how often she was bothered by medical tests and vital signs, poor little thing. We had a big scare with kidney infection due to a bad urinary infection (she almost got bacterial meningitis!) she was a very sick little girl and was such an angel through the whole ordeal too! She has urinary reflux grade 3 come to find out. The urine backs up to the kidneys and if there is any poop (microscopic) it can go up with the urine and cause major problems. SORRY, I got off track (you know how us gals can gab and gab, LOL). My point is that my milk supply went from feeding every 3 to 4 hours and her sleeping through the night (10 hours) to back to every 2 to 3 hours or as needed to calm her down around the clock. Then when we got home from the hospital, she went back to her usual bfdg routine (thank the Lord that she sleeps through the night again!!) and for the first three mornings I would wake up totally engorged like when the beginning when your milk comes in after the colostrum! I wasn't expecting to start my period at all and when it came, looking back at my body signals, I could have realized that I was "o"ing and maybe skipted the start of af all together (wouldn't that have been sweet!). I read online that if your milk supply DRASTICALLY changes, that this can sometimes bring on AF. I read this before the whole hospital ordeal because I was trying to find out how to bring on my af by April. I was even going to see if the docs could make me start having one--SO I feel your stress about it! You could try to bring on a "fake" drastic feeding change by pumping round the clock between feedings for two or three days and see if it will work for you. But be willing to lose your milk supply by after the first trimester because from what I read, it seems to happen to most women. Do you want your little one to not have b___st milk that soon? If it were to happen? I know how you feel about wanting them back to back, but keep that in mind. If it doesn't bother you or your little one to have formula if nessisary, then go for it. I think my timing is just right (I get the chance to get preggo but my little one will be 10 months by the end of my 1st trimester (if I get pregnant this cycle). Stay on this chat board with me and we can do it together and support one another! Best of luck to you!


oncemore - March 14

Yippee!!!! I O'd yesterday! Now the 2ww has begun! I sure hope I can wait to do hpt until I am at 10 dpo. Have a good day!


Lala - March 14

Wow! so, you did ovulate while b___stfeeding. I'm hoping to convince dh to ttc soon, but I won't stop bf ds.


Brooke - March 15

congrats oncemore! I'm still without AF, but i've been supplimenting with formula in the hopes that it will make me O sooner. plus pumping every day at work is no fun... but dh and i are certainly bding as often as we can, so that if i do O, we'll hopefully catch that first egg! good luck to you all!


oncemore - March 20

Hello! I am 8 dpo and I have a faint (VERY VERY faint) positive hpt! My temp is staying up as well. I am on CD 27 and no AF. I am going to test tomorrow and then I can confirm the faint line on the hpt. But I think I am PG!!!!!! I have been charting for two cycles this time around and I think if I would have been paying close attention to my body before the first af I could have missed the AF altogether and got the first egg post partum. So good luck with that Brooke!!! My first post partum cycle (since first AF post partum) was short. I started AF on cd 25 heard and heavy. I was using opks and thought I had a + opk on cd 16 (which was late for me because usually I “O” by cd 14 and I have 28 to 29 day cycles) but I was heart broken when the day before I was going to do a hpt I started:( I then returned to my bbt charting and a new cycle. I was determined to catch my “O” day but was discouraged due to what I read about bfding and ttc. You can have a period without “o”ing and you can lose your af again if bfding back on schedule. The point is that it is not a sure thing to get pg while bfding BUT there is the chance! Brooke- if you want to try to catch the first egg then maybe start charting your bbt and also bd every other or every two days. Sperm can live that long and even longer. Also pay close attention to your cm. It will become very very wet or egg white right before you “O” (this is what I could have paid close attention to and maybe missed my first af and been pg had I bd during that time which I didn’t). Another thing is that bfding can make you “o” later and this is true because I went through a hand full of dollar store opk test and then three name brand boxes of 7 to catch my “o” day which was on cd 19 according to fertility friend. I was testing twice a day and three times on cd 18 - 20 and could have missed the lh surge had it not been for that. I had one for sure positive lh surge on the middle testing time on cd 19 and that is it. If I was testing once a day I could have missed it! I am shocked that I got a faint positive on the hpt today only 8 dpo! We bd cd 18,19,20 in the p.m. and then in the a.m. on cd 22 just for good measure, LOL. I am posting under the pregnancy test posts under “2ww started 3/14/07!!! Anyone else?” you are welcome to share there as well. Baby dust to you girls!!!!!


Lala - March 21

What's your update????


oncemore - March 21

hi there! About the same. The test line was very hard to see, but I did see it. I have also been having symptoms like my other pregnancies starting yesterday that confirmed to me that I am pg! I knew with all of my pg's that I was pg before the actual test told me (except this time I tested two days earlier than I would have so it was just a bit before the symptoms started). Last night I was so sick feeling and its been all day today. Peeing a lot as well. I sure hope this bean sticks and stays stuck. I am using natural progesterone cream twice a day just incase my luteal phase is short and I don't have enough progesterone. I plan on contacting my doctor next week and asking him about my concerns over this. I hope you all have success with ttc while bding too! baby dust to you! Thanks for your support!


oncemore - March 21

oops, I meant success while bfding, LOL Have a great rest of the week! I am out of town until next Monday night.


Lala - March 21

CONGRATS!!! Are you going to get a blood test? I wish my dh would agree to ttc soon. I would like to have one more and for them to be close in age. He says no, though. I guess it started getting on my mind a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly realized that I'd had several signs that I could be pregnant, but as each one came up, I didn't think any thing of it; until it suddenly hit me. It's slim chances, though, as it would have had to been one time when he used withdrawl method, and I'm exclusively bf'ing. And about a week later I had light spotting. And also a week later, my hemmorroids (from my pregnancy) suddenly got worse. I thought "why would they suddenly get worse when I'm not pregnant anymore, and they were getting better?" Suddenly today, I have diarrhea. I shouldn't get my hopes up like this. I did have a BFN about a week ago.


oncemore - March 21

Thank you Lala! I'm not going to call the doc until I get back from my trip next week and then I will just make the first ob appt. I don't know if they will follow up with a blood test or not. I am sorry that you and your dh are not seeing eye to eye on whether or not to have another one. I know how that goes (hence why we have an almost 9 yr old and an almost 7 yr old and then my 7 1/2 mo old. My husband was the one who said after my second that we were done (one boy, one girl) and for a year I would bring it up and then I just let it go (didn't want to force it on him). Then, out of the blue (17 months ago) he decided it would be nice to have a little bit bigger family (he was enjoying the older kids more) so I made him promise that if we did one, that I wanted to have one more right after so they would have each other to grow up together with closer in age and not just a third "side kick" ya know. So maybe your dh will come around to the idea. Don't give up hope! Best of luck to you and have a great weekend. I am gone after this post until Tuesday.


oncemore - March 27

Hi there! Anyone still ttc and bfding? I am pg and bfding my dd who is 7.5 mo old. I am hoping to at least bf her until she is 9 or 10 mo.



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