BF And TTC And Nervous About It

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Kristin72 - May 22

Lori, Hi I just wanted to tell you first I took a test last night...and saw a VERY faint line. I did the first Response. Again, the line was very faint but..I was 11 dpo's yesterday. cd29 and no af yet. I don't want to get my hopes up yet..but will go have a blood test to confirm today. Hope you are well...are you feeling ok? I know June 1st is approaching very you have anymore ultrasounds to check on Brevin b4 your date? Talk to you soon!!.


Kristin72 - May 22

ok..false alarm. went to the clinic and did a urine cam back bfn. they did a blood test just to make sure..those results won't be back until next week. The only other weird thing is a spike in my temp this morning. still no af and a day or so late. I a confused about the very faint line..first response sucks!!!


Kristin72 - May 24

af arrived this morning 3-4 days late. hope you are your bag packed for the hospital. Do you have Brevin's outfit ready to bring home? All the best to you Lori!!!


oncemore - May 29

HELLO KRISTIN!!!! aw, darn! I had my hopes up for you and a BFP and then I read your last couple of posts...darn. I am glad that all your labs look good and hope that the ferning thing is just a flop and you will have no problems ttc!!! I wish you lots and lots of baby dust!!!!!!!.....more to come.......


Kristin72 - May 30

LORI!!!!Congratulations Mommy!! and WELCOME BREVIN!!!Omg. What a precious little miracle baby!! He is a really good size for 37 weeks. I couldn't be happier for you and your family. You sound so happy. Your family is now complete!! I wish you all the best with your nursing and your recovery. I am just so happy for you. He sounds just soo beautiful..I'd love to see a pic of him. I like your idea of releasing the balloons in honour of your former loss what a nice touch..embrace this little guy...this is your life and you are so fortunate!!! Again Congratulations!! Now get your rest and take care of yourself and your new little guy. All the best to you....btw my dh is also a John...and Zoe is now 18 months and I am still nursing her.. things are so good I am very happy and enjoying her so much.. she is my little buddy ;) I am on cd7 still ttc..nut I know it will happen when the time is right XO Take Care!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))


tryingx3 - June 3

Congratulations oncemore! I am still alive - ha ha. No news, still nursing my now 20 month old daughter! Who would have ever thought that? Still not had AF - wonder if I should have U/S done to make sure nothing is blocked.


Kristin72 - June 4

trying..I am still nursing my 18 month old too and congratulations to you for that it is truly a good thing..but I get my af since lo was 7 months. When do you think you will start to wean? Is you lo still nursing through the night? If you truly want to get pregnant you should get some bloodwork done to check your hormone levels...check your prolactin. I know it is hard..look at me I don't want to deny my lo her milk either..she really seems to be thriving from the bf. Health Canada recommends to years for so many reasons but the 1 that sticks out for me is that the lo's do not have fully developed immune systems till they are 2. Plus it practically wipes out any chance for us gettting certain illnesses like ovarian. But on the other hand I want to get pregnant to. My prolactin is in normal range 11.. anywhere from 3-26 is considered normal..I still haven't been able to get preggers yet though. ANyway..what is your plan Trying? and ~~~Lori..hi...hope you and baby are doing well. xo


tryingx3 - June 13

Kristin - couldn't decide if I should post here or on the other question you posed! Maybe both! ha ha Katie weaned this week, 5 days short of 21 months. I had to have a steriod shot due to some kind of contact dermat_tis (ITCHY RASH) all over my body. They said I could not take the shot and still nurse her. I left the office thinking I would probably not make it and would probably give in. Then I got worried that I might hurt her - although telling myself that only 1% gets through, yadda, yadda, yadda. When I got home from work, I told her the doctor said I could not nurse - she WAILED and FLAILED about hysterically. I took her outside to our porch swing and we spent some time together and she was fine. I kept her busy that evening, she didn't ask again. At bedtime and through the night she would cry and ask and I would tell her that I loved her and that she couldn't and would hold her and rock her back to sleep. The next morning was hard again but I told her that my milk was all gone (as my b___bs were KILLING ME). The 2nd night was better, the 3rd night she didn't cry at all, she still woke up, but was okay with me rocking her. This morning when we woke up, she pointed to me and said, milk, gone, gone and didn't cry at all.


tryingx3 - June 13

BTW - I have had my share of tears and DESPERATELY miss nursing her. It has been such a special bond for us. I think I would have nursed until 2 or longer unless she had not self-weaned or this happened. I do think the timing of this was okay as she has reacted exceptionally. The first night, she drank from her sippy (water) each time she woke up. In the past when I tried to "wean" her away from night nursing, she would have a FIT when she saw the sippy, but not this time. She drank almost the entire cup and drank a LOT the next day. "We" will all have to learn new ways to soothe and help Katie sleep, but I guess my little girl is growing up! Best wishes to you! Oh! BIG NEWS. Within 48 hours of stopping nursing (with minimal expressing to keep the pain down)...I started my first AF since getting pg with Katie. So...I guess fertile myrtle is BACK!


oncemore - June 13

HELLO Kristin and Trying!!!!!!! THANKS for the congrats!!! I am in heaven and sooo in love with my little guy! Brevin is 3 wks old today and finally last night, he slept a 4 hr block of's been 2 or 3 hr blocks of time before this so I was sooo thankful! Nursing is going great!!! I will be nursing him a lot longer than my other three... I am not counting out until 2... but most likely it will only be 18 months, since my dh isn't too happy about any further out...but it's MY decision in the long run, and of course Brevin's too! hehehe! TRYING- I am sooo happy that your AF came back! That sounds exactly like me! I dont get AF until I am done with nursing and then it's like 3 days after I dry up that AF comes... so I am wishing you lots of baby dust your way!!!! I know how tough that had to be with weaning your dd... but it sounds like you did it so nice and peaceful considering the situation. My first... only took me and not even a pacifier or bottle... and so when I stopped nursing him (to have an AF... to get pg again)... I gave him a sippy cup of water at night and nap, and it helped too! Your dd sounds so sweet! KRISTIN- Good luck with this cycle sweetie!!!! Like you said... it will happen... it's just a matter of time now. But it's gonna be sooner than later, I just know it!!! It will be fun if you and Trying can go down that pg road together!!!! I am glad that nursing is still going well for ya! Are you only nursing at night and nap time? Or more than that? I am trying to cherrish every min. I can with Brevin, as he is my last... and we are very happy saying our family is complete! Thanks again for all the well wishes and congrats!!! I will try to pop in when I get a moment... things are hectic in the beginning, as you both! Good luck to you both!!!!!!! ((((((HUGS)))))!!!!~Lori~


Kristin72 - June 16

Thanks for the update on your little Brevin..Lori. HE sounds like such a little sweetie pie. Glad to hear your nursing is going well. It sounds like your are indeed cherishing every moment. Life is good!! I wish you all the best!! Trying..congrats on the af returning...and..I know how you feel about missing the bf and that being gone. I think about it all the time when I am still bf'ing and how sweet it truly is..and how good it is for our lo's. But you did a really good thing and you made a choice and stuck with it. Your long haul with bf'ing must be commended. You are my hero. I wish you all the best ttc. I will talk to you on the over 35 board Baby DUst!! xo


tryingx3 - June 17

Wow - Brevin slept 4 hours straight at 3wks...I still don't think Katie is doing that at 21 months! Ha Ha Congratulations!


Kristin72 - August 18

Hi Lori, I don't know if you ever check in here anymore..but guess what I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finally got my BFP after trying for 6 months straight. I hope you are doing well I am still in shock. How is Brevin doing? How are you finding having all those kids of yours :)? ANyway..if you get a chance to read this I just want to thank you for helping me with my long journey to were such a good friend to me along the way. All the best!! XOXO ANd Trying how is the ttc going for you..I h ave not heard from you in a while either..How are you finding your lo since you weaned? xoxo


Kristin72 - September 24

Well I had a my 9th week. There was no heartbeat. I was given msiprostol to bring on the miscarriage. Well, I will try again soon. Hope all is well.



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