Bf On One Side And Leaking Out The Other

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durante baby - November 28

Okay well I haven't been bfing for a long while now, but a friend who recently had a baby asked me this question and I didnt know how to answer it. I seemed to always have the same problem therefor it always made bf a big event where i had to go in my room or a bathroom and get topless....Here is the message she sent me.......She asked me:....When I bf off one side the other side ALWAYS starts to leak. Is there a way to prevent that or handle it better. I always end up having to wrap a burp cloth around my br___t that i am not useing. I am one of those people who are open about bf and will sit in the resting areas of public bathrooms and bf (to me it is only natural so look all you want) but the leaking seems to cause me problems with keeping it somwhat conservitive. What can I Do to make it stop or easier to handle? I have tried just dealing with a br___t pad getting soggy, but before i am even done feeding i need to change it cause it is too full..any imput would be great!


only_three_shots - November 30

I had the same problem with both my kids. What I found that worked was nursing one one side for just a few minutes (3-5) then switching. It will keep the first b___st from leaking and will limit the time the other has to leak. When I was home I would go ahead and pump the b___st I was not feeding on, I figured there was no reason for the milk to go to waste. Personally I think this is a good problem. It shows that there is probably more than enough milk for the baby. I always figured it was better to have too much than too little.


krc - December 1

This is a common side effect of wonderful nursing! LOL I personally would not suggest switching b___sts after only a few minutes because it is important for the baby to empty the b___st as much as possible so they can reach the hindmilk(which contains all the healthy fats and calories to plump them up). They only get this milk once they've sucked up all the water/thirst quenching foremilk! Anyways, my only solution was to use the Lansinoh nursing pads. They seemed to be the most comfortable. And sometimes it seemed as though I was changing them every 20 minutes! Eventually your body will regulate it's milk production and the constant leaking will slow down.


only_three_shots - December 1

krc-I didn't mean to continue switching back and forth. I guess I should have explained better. My son would nurse for a couple minutes on one, I would switch and let him empty the second, then return to the first and he would empty that one. I almost always had to let him (and my daighter) nurse on both. They were pudgy little gluttons! :-)


krc - December 3

it's amazing how chubby they can get on just b___stmilk! My son was always satisfied with nursing one one b___b per feeding. He always would fall fast asleep too. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and can't wait to nurse again..sore nipples and leaking b___bs in all, LOL !


only_three_shots - December 3

My daughter was 25% for length and 95% for weight. She was a rolly polly baby! I am TTC now for my third and I can't wait to nurse agian either. I never got sore nipples and had nothing but bliss from it. However, my daughter would never take a bottle so I was constantly tethered to her which wasn't all that great.


krc - December 4

My son never had a bottle or pacifier. I tried pumping my milk when he was a newborn thinking that I had to have some stored in the freezer for going out and stuff. ( ist time single mom). I was at school applying for financial aid which seemed to take a long time and my son started fussing and crying. I offered him a bottle but he refused it and got crankier. After that I figured what's the point? I was a single mom and wasn't working at the time so I really didn't see a need to get him on a bottle. He never had one after that! LOL I didn't mind it though, I didn't ever have those feelings of being tied down, not until he was over a year old and needed for bood for bedtime comfort..thats when I started to grow ancy about it. I'm pretty sure with this second baby I won't let myself become a human pacifier. I'm going to try and let him or her eat and lay them down ( I didn't do that with my son). Unless you grew up with other women to learn from..motherhood is a learn as you go process!


only_three_shots - December 4

My son is older and since I couldn't ever keep up with him he always took a bottle and formula with no problem. Hoever, I was upset about having to supplement with him so when I could keep up with my daughter (I was working FT with my son and now I stay home) I didn't push using a bottle at all. And by the time I wanted a break and wanted to go out with my DH (I was single with my son as well) I couldn't. There are alot of times I feel like I only am here to serve them, especially when I was the human pacifier. She is 18 months now and has been on cows milk exclusively since 12 months.


elizhope - December 27

i didnt read all the answers, but what worked for me was just wearing nursing pads...the good ones (purple box, cant remember the brand) when she turned 4 months the leaking stopped for the most part.



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