BF Problems At Night

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D - October 24

My son is 3 1/2 months and I have been pumping while at work and br___tfeed him while at home. The problem is at night, I have to give him a bottle of br___t milk before bed because I only pump about 2 ounces and he eats about 6 ounces. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do at night to regain my milk supply? My husband doesn't understand that to make milk. my son needs to suckle, that pumping isn;t always an answer.


Jamie - October 24

I'm not sure I'm really understanding the problem, but...try increasing the amount of water you drink; also take either fenugreek or blessed thistle.


mom42 - October 25

You can let the baby sleep with you and nurse freely at night. Having him close and eating more frequently should stimulate milk production.


Jenn... - October 25

You may want to get a higher quality pump. You can rent a hospital grade pump that mimicks a baby's suckle. This is what my SIL had to do when she was using the Medela PIS, her supply started to depleat. the rental did the trick.


K - October 25

why do you have to give the bottle of b___stmilk before bed. why don't you just pump? i'm a little confused by your question I think.


steph - October 27

I'm confused too, but here's my take: if you are feeding him the bottle of pumped milk before bed to save your b___stmilk for pumping for him the next day (while you're at work)...then why aren't you just nursing him at bed (to help you stimulate a better supply) and saving the pumped milk you would have gave him by bottle at bed time for him to have the next day? (you can keep pumped milk in the fridge for days, and freeze it for months)also, if you are only getting 2 oz per pumping...(a__suming you are pumping both sides, and at least 3 times /day), you might consider getting a better grade pump, like an electric double pump (like the hospital ones). You can rent them pretty cheap from some places(start with your local hospital maternity ward for instance). La Leche League can be really helpful in situations like this, give your local leader a call (whites pages), or check their website links for nursing/working moms. Good luck, and remember that any amount of b___stmilk your little guy gets, is better than none.



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