BFing And Peanut Products

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Selena - March 13

I know a lot of children have severe allergies to peanut products when they come in direct contact with the product or ingest them. My question is can a br___tfeeding mother eat peanut butter or cook with peanut oil and not potentially cause her baby harm? While I was pregnant I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches until I heard that some studies show this may cause a greater risk of the baby developing an allergy. Any info would be great!


olivia - March 13

I eat it daily, cook with it, and bf. As long as you don't ever feed it to the baby you should be fine. Also don't let the baby mouth anything that has touched the peanut b___ter.


Heidi - March 14

I eat lots of peanut b___ter and nuts and I b___stfeed without any problems. I believe the only risk of your baby developing an allergy to things is if you yourself had an allergy to say, peanuts.


Courtney - March 15

I heard the same as Heidi. Your baby is only at risk of the allergy if the allergy runs in your family. Otherwise, eat it up!


amandababy - March 19

I went to a b___stfeeding cla__s this morning and that question came up. The ladies are right, feel free to eat how much you want, unless the peanut allergy runs in your family a lot! Then she said to cut down on how much you eat.


marranie - March 29

mmm... i had lots of peanut b___ter cravings when pregnant with my daughter and ate a fair bit when she was tiny, until i picked her up and she had welts all over her tummy... from where i had dipped my finger into peanut b___ter then touche her. She has severe peanut allergy (my son is fine but peanut stuff was already banned from the house by the time i had him). I actually think my peanut eating has contributed to my daughters allergy. I would not eat them now while pregnant or nursing.


Jenn... - April 6

I am a peanut b___ter junky and I have not had any problems. I think you should only be concerned if peanut allergies run in your family.


K - April 6

Research has shown that you should not eat peanuts or other tree nuts when pregnant or b___stfeeding if you or your husband have any kind of food allergies as it can possibly increase the risk of your child having a peanut or nut allergy. Some authorities say also if you have any kind of allergies (seasonal; cats etc) you should avoid them, but I don't think there is any research strongly supporting that.


olivia - June 19

Ahh, here was that peanut thread for ssmith!


ssmith - June 19

I guess I should have read this forum a tad closer before posting my question huh?!?! lol


Susan W - June 20

I avoid eating peanuts in most forms during pregnancy and b___stfeeding, but I don't go so far as to try to avoid the oil (that's nearly impossible). I am not allergic to peanuts, and neither is my husband, and it doesn't run in our family, but allergies in general are on both sides of the family so the pediatrician recommended we be careful with peanuts, wheat, corn, and other allergens when we started solids. . .. DS is sensitive to peanuts :(( and we found out the hard way a couple weeks ago! Someone gave him peanut b___ter without permission and he had vomiting and diarrhea for 48 hours afterwards! The recommendation is for the mother to avoid peanuts during pregnancy and nursing and for all children to not have peanut products until they are at least 3. I'm even hearing that for kids like mine, they might want to wait until 6! Peanut allergies are so common now that I figured that avoiding peanuts for at least 9 months of pregnancy, then at least a year of nursing (which actually has turned into a lot longer) is doable if it might help prevent a very scary allergy. That said, I don't think anyone knows, and don't beat yourself up if you eat peanut b___ter. But it's not allowed in my house. We eat sunflower seed b___ter instead, which tastes just like peanut b___ter.


Rabbits07 - June 20

I posted this link on the same topic on the IC forum. Just thought I would add it over here, too. (remove any dashes). I eat peanut b___ter all the time...we've only had some problems with milk allergies in our family, but I don't think it's worth risking as usually peanut b___ter allergies are severe. So, I guess I'll have to give it up.



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