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Staci - October 5

i have a very large chest size and flat nipples, so i have a lot of latching issues... what happens is that once i finally get my newborn on which is difficult and requires lots of careful positioning, a bunch of pillows, and a struggle, he then often sucks a few times and then promptly falls asleep. then he wakes up in 10 minutes crying to be fed. we go thru it all again and he falls asleep again. this takes up the whole day, so i wind up giving him a bottle of pumped br___t milk. I would really like it to work naturally, but we tried all the methods of wakening him, (damp towel, tickling his feet, rubbing his back, pushing his jaw to stimulate the sucking reflex, and moving the nipple around in his mouth to stimulate sucking) but its such a struggle to get him latched so once we start all this, the feed is stressful for us both. ive been pumping for 90% of his diet - any advice?


maybe this.. - October 5

have you tried ice or nipple stimulation prior to feeding to try to get them to come out more so that he can latch on quicker?


Jamie - October 6

Read the other thread you created, Staci - there's good advice there. But, the bottle is creating a large part of your problem. It's most likely creating nipple confusion, because a bottle is easier to drink from than your b___st. If you keep giving him the bottle, he's going to keep fighting the b___st. To some up the advice from your other thread: use a nipple shield or shell to draw out your nipples, or manually express from the areola into his mouth, to soften and enlarge your nipple. But, really and truthfully, the most important thing is to lose that bottle, unless you want to pump exclusively.


Maleficent - October 6

i think i replied on the other thread... he might be wearing himself out while you struggle to latch him on. try starting sooner, at the first sign of hunger, before he starts to fuss. you can also pump BEFORE nursing him. not alot, just enough to get let down and get some milk flowing. i agree that the bottle is probably your biggest problem. nipple sheilds may help trasition him from the bottle to the b___st but it will take some time. there are no easy answers to problems like this. it takes practice and confidance and patience. you CAN do it.



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