Birth Control And Milk Supply

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carmendanielle - June 5

Hi! I am feeling a bit worried and need some advice! I started taking Tricyclen 2 weeks ago (this is what I was on before I got pregnant). The doc said that there was a chance it would decrease my milk supply and if it did to stop immediatley and book an appointment. Well just this weekend I started to notice my dd was sucking alot and not swallowing nearly as much. One day she seemed extremely frustrated, so I started to worry and have stopped taking my pills. Does anyone know how long it should take to get my milk supply back to normal? I fear that I am going to dry up or something. I have booekd a doc appointment but it is not until next week. Has this happened to anyone? OR do you know of anything I can do to increase my supply? Is it just time?


Susan W - June 7

It should come up very quickly, but it may take a couple days for the hormones to clear your system. I say this from experience. I was actually pregnant, which also causes your supply to decrease, and those hormones are at a much higher level than those in the pill, particularly the one you are on. When I was about to lose that baby, my supply increased. So it will come back. In your case, I would put everything aside and just nurse. Don't supplement, as that will decrease your supply in turn. It it not just time -- you will get through this. . . And a rant! Don't let your doctor ever prescribe a combo pill. For something like 80% of nursing moms, it will cause a supply drop. A barrier method or progestin only method (the minipill or Depo) is much better for nursing moms. And they never tell you that natural family planning is just as effective if you use it right (I've used it for years). Sheesh. OK, off the soapbox now :)


Jamie - June 9

It took me a week. I was on orthotricyclen from 7 weeks pp to 7 months...I only found out by accident that it was affecting my supply at all. We went on vacation, and I ran out, and had forgotten to bring an extra pack. Within 7 days, I went from not being able to pump anything to being able to pump gallons.



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