Bladder Infections

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JH - May 22

Is anybody dealing with an increase in bladder infections since they started br___tfeeding? I am having my second and my ds is 7weeks old. I am trying to drink the whole time he is eating. What else can I do? It seems worse after s_x. I don't remember having this much trouble before I got pregnant.


olivia - May 22

I don't think it has to do with b___stfeeding, unless you are dehydrated. They generally occur from s_x, bacteria enters your urethra. Or it could just still be v____al trama from delivery has started a new senerio down there. I have gotten bladder infections since I was quite young, no increase with bf. I did not have a v____al delivery, so I don't know if that can cause more frequency. If you had a catheter in and out during labor it could have irritated your urinary tract so it is not yet quite back to normal. Keep drinking fluids, pee right after s_x (every time, religiously), wipe front to back..... If you are using condoms or a diapragm sometimes those can irritate your urinary tract too. Good luck to you, congrats on your son!


Susan W - May 22

I haven't had any bladder infections since before getting pregnant, and I've been either pregnant, nursing or both for three years now. I had a v____al delivery of an 11.5 baby. . .Wow, you were ready to fool around again by 7 weeks?! We were still not getting any sleep!! That was the LAST thing on our minds :)


JH - May 23

Maybe a catheter was my problem. I had a c-section and one in for about 24 hrs. I had placenta previa and was told I couldn't have any s_x since Thanksgiving, so by May I was more then ready. With both infections I can look back a couple of days before the symptoms started and remember feeling really thirsty. I drink nothing but water, juice, and gatorade. I usually go thru 4 cups of water in the night, but the other day my son slept really well and I only drank 1. Then it took me most of the day to feel better. I think I may just be that sensitive.


Susan W - May 23

You could try drinking a gla__s of cranberry juice every day to acidify your urinary tract. That helps to keep any bacteria that may be trying to move in from colonizing and reproducing.


JH - May 23

Thanks for the help. I did 5 days of cipro a month ago and now I am on 7 days of microbid. Hopefully that will cure it. I had wondered if the first one had fully gotten cleared up. I had so many problems during my pregnancy that I was in there every week for months. I probably put off calling them after the first round didn't work simply because I was sick of being in his office. Cranberry juice has a ton of calories so I would prefer to use the extract pills. Does anyone know if there is any danger of using it while b/f.? I don't want to do anything to mess up my milk supply. Thanks for the advice.


Susan W - May 24

I drink the light cranberry juice, sweetened with Splenda. Yummy. Low calories. Funny that you worry about calories --- I had to find ways to eat more calories while nursing in the first 12 months! I burned about 800 calories a day just making milk :) I don't think the cranberry tablets would influence your supply. Try it and if it seems to slow your supply, just stop.


angie m - May 24

I got a lot of bladder infections after my last baby. I heard that drinking cranberry juice would help prevent them but I hate cranberry juice. I asked my mom for any suggestions and she told me she had heard that vitamin C works just as well. So I started taking it and haven't had another bladder infection. Hope you find something that helps bladder infections are misrable. Congrats on your baby and good luck.



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