Blood Clots 6 Days After Delivery

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pattford - January 4

I'm wondering if any of you passed large blood clots after giving birth? I delivered my son 6 days, almost 7 days ago. It seems like today the bleeding has icked up. Tonight I passed a large blood clot the size of a lime, probably. I think I vaguely remeber the nurse telling me that if I passed a clot the size of a quarter or bigger that I should let them know. Do any of you know? Or have any of you experienced this? Please let me know. I'm a little nervous.


spamanda - January 6

You should definitely talk to a nurse. In fact, any time you're nervous, call. Lol I call all the time! That's part of their job. I'd rather call than regret it. I hope everything's fine. Good luck.


Emmie - January 6

My baby was born 8 months ago so I cant remember exactly but I think I remember my doc saying you could pa__s big blood clots-around golf ball size. I never did but I would call the doctor if you are unsure.


Brenda M - January 6

Hi! About three weeks after my C-section, I started pa__sing ridiculous amounts of blood, and clots the size of ping-pong b___s (at least). It was very, very scary to feel that much blood sliding out of me. After a weekend of pa__sing clots, I decided to call the doctor first thing Monday morning, and amazingly, the clots stopped so I didn't call. If it bothers you, then definitely call, but you're not alone! Brenda


eclipse - January 7

My doc said to call with clots that big (lime sized). I had major bleeding issues where I had to be on iron etc. so don't take chances, even if all they do is check your levels and give you supplements, because losing that kind of blood can make you really weak.


ashlees mama - January 8

Are you nursing? If so, your uterus could be contracting and pushing out the small bits of tissue at once. This happened to me 3 weeks after I delivered.


MamaStacy - January 8

Pattyford I have the same problem my water sac came out the same time as the baby, so the doctor told me to watch clots and if i seen any white stuff to call him. I pa__sed a huge clot about 7 days pp and went in it could have been part of my placenta or just a clot, my flow and got heavy and then gone back down and its been going on for a few days. Next time it gets heavy they may need to do a d and c which means they sc___pe in my uterus and get anything that is still in there. I guess they put you out for the operation and thats a relife. I hope you dont have the same thing and i hope i helped.... good luck!



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