Blood In Milk HELP

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Heidi - January 20

I just pumped during my lunch break and blood came out of one side. I freaked out! That's never happened before. I've been having problems on that side too. Like my nipple is really sore but looked okay last night. I thought maybe it's from all this pumping cus I'm back to work. It came out for about 5 pumps and then came out normal so I quick switched containers and pumped on that side and got about 4.5 oz out and then when I switched to my other side, like NOTHING came out. This is my weak side but it's been since 6:30 since I last pumped. I looked at my nipple when I was done and it looks a little cracked but nothing bad. I know when I get home and nurse Emma it hurts like crazy. Like it's getting pinched or something and sometimes I get sharp pains up my br___t cus of it. What's going on? My doc is out today too. Ugh! I'll try posting in the other forum too.


AutumnsMommy - January 20

Wow Heidi...I'm not sure what to tell you...I've read that a little blood is normal if your nipples are cracked or sore. How much blood was there? Like a teaspoon, a tablespoon, or just a few dots?


olivia - January 20

it is probably a crack that is bleeding. Get some soothies at the drugstore and wear one on your sore nipple and put the other in the refrigerator. They are good for 3 days and give your nipple a chance to heal. My nipple also bleed when I pumped and I freaked out. The lactation consultant told me about the soothies and I wore them for a while. They are $11 but last a while. Other than that I don't know. If it is your nipple that is sore rather than your b___st this is what I'd do, if your entire b___st is sore and pumping blood.... I don't think this would help.


lisa - January 21

i had that and had an infection, try the docs


Heidi - January 23

If I had an infection will it hurt feeding the milk to my daughter? I still pumped all weekend and tried nursing her once and it hurt like hell but once it softened up it was okay.


olivia - January 23

Here is a link to soothies. They really got me through b___stfeeding when I would have given up (after seeing blood while pumping and in a LOT of pain). When pumping sometimes the crack opens up from inside -- so when you look at it you don't see the whole story. These will help by keeping it soft and not letting you get a scab there. Again, I did not have an infection so I can't help if that is what you have going on -- but infections usually do cause fevers and nausea as well. Here is a link to info on soothies:



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