Blood In The Nappy

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Kaz - June 26

Has anyone found blood in their baby's nappy? I've had a few here and there with just a little. Most nappies are normal though. My Doctor says it's not uncommon and that it can come through the milk whether or not you have cracked nipples. As normal as it may be it's still unnerving. I'd like to know just how common it is.


C - June 30

First tell me what a nappy is? Do you mean in the babies bowel movement? If so, that usually means the baby is alergic to your b___stmilk. Although your pediatrician would know better than me.


Kaz - July 4

Sorry, a nappy is a diaper. I've looked around and think perhaps she's reacting to cow's milk. I love milk and was drinking it often but I've read that alot of babies can't tolerate or break down the proteins in cow's milk. I've stopped drinking it and she seems better for it.


C - July 4

Thanks, I had never heard that term before. I would still mention it to his doctor if you haven't already. I'm not sure how old your baby is but I've noticed a huge difference in mine now that he's over two months. He used to have the hardest time with gas and now he just goes with the flow. He never had blood but I was still stressed out because he seemed to be in pain from my b___st milk. They say some babies are born with less developed digestive systems so maybe you could add milk back into your diet in a few months. Again, talk to his/her doctor first.


Kaz - July 4

Thank You. Yeh she's 6 weeks tomorrow, so I'll just try milk in a couple of months. My doctor was not at all concerned so I'm not stressing like I was. He asked if she seems happy and she does so he said not to worry.


Amanda - July 21

I have heard of baby girls getting a light period type bleeding from her v____a after birth due to the mother's hormones. I've never known any mother than mentioned this, but have read about it on a few sites so I a__sume it is legit.


wenling - July 28

when my baby was just born, he had this reddish stain in his diaper. My doc says it's uric acid or something like that from dehydration.. but it sure looks like blood.


Jbear - August 8

My youngest sister had v____al bleeding for a couple of days after she was born. It was a very small amount. My mom was really concerned, but the pediatrician said it was because some of my mom's hormones were still in my sister's system. My daughter never had any, though.


anne - August 10

if she is female, its normal. its her uterus settling in. every female gets it in the first few days of life.



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