Bottle And Breast Does It Work

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kim - October 18

everything i read says you have to wait a couple of weeks to give baby a bottle if you are br___tfeeding to prevent nipple confusion. is this really true, has anyone given baby bottle and br___t right from the start. because i have to go back to school i am more concerned with baby refusing br___t than bottle for obvious reasons. thanks for all feedback!!!


Kathryn - October 18

I waited three weeks and didn't have any problems.


momma - October 18

i also started with a bottle at 3 weeks and it worked out just fine with others my daughter would take any nipple that the milk came out of for me i had to use the gerber easy hold (slightly trangular bottles with wide mouth nipples) if you are worried try to find a nipple that is closest to yours or if baby takes a paci, one that is close to that and for the first few bottles make sure someone else gives it to baby


KFish - October 18

as my baby was a premie and it took me awhile for my milk to come in, my baby was bottle fed at the hospital. When I took him home and my milk came in, b___stfeeding no problem. My lactation nurse said that all rumors of nipple confusion is not true.


Jamie - October 19

Nipple confusion DOES exist...I went through it for 2 months with my daughter. I wasn't able to b___stfeed for a week after she was born, due to medications I was on from complications during delivery; so, she was bottlefed. I couldn't get her to latch after that, until a lactation consultant gave me a nipple shield. I nursed exclusively with the nipple shield until 3 weeks ago, when I was finally able to latch her on the natu ral nipple. Now, my 10 week old will both nurse and take a bottle; I would suggest waiting the 3 weeks two others have suggested; also, use a very large bottle nipple that is shaped like your nipple - and get one that has multiple holes, like your nipple.


m - October 19

My daughter is now 4 weeks old and she had her first bottle the first night home from the hospital. I am sure that nipple confusion is real, I guess we are very lucky, because she will suck on anything. Good luck


Louise - October 19

I agree that nipple confusion is very real, even though the specialist that taught the b___stfeeding cla__s at the hospital and other lactate consultants said that it was not true. I am still using both bottle and b___st at 7 weeks. It has become a little better, but not great.


me - October 23

I think nipple confusion does exist, but all just depends on the baby. I pumped my milk and fed my baby with bottle right after he was born, because he wasn't able to latch. After he was 3 wks old, I stopped the bottle and gave him my b___st and he able to latch pretty well. He is 31/2 mths old now and never gave him the bottle until yesterday..and funny thing now he can't take the bottle.If u really have to go back to school I think is ok to give him the bottle and then b___stfeed him at night..if he confuse just use nipple shield, that worked for me.


.. - October 24

nipple confusion could very well be real thank god it has never happened to me. with my first son he had his first bottle at ten days old and not a problem. My little guy ( 6 weeks old) had his first bottle at 4 days old because i went back to school. He did not get confused either and he still has bottles when i go to school and b___stfeeds no problem when i am home. there is also the theory that once baby has a bottle they will sometimes prefer it because with a bottle they don't have to work as hard to get the milk.


maybe - October 25

I think nipple confusion is more apparent if you bottle then switch to b___st. A baby needs a different technique and b___st latching is more difficult than bottle. Switching from b___st to bottle is easier for the little ones but some can be stubborn and want what they are used to. Every child is different. I do know if a bottle is introduced around 1 month of age the majority of infants take to it. After 4 months they are less likely to give in to the new item in their mouth and are more stubborn.


Erin - October 25

I exclusively b___stfed for the first 4 weeks and then started supplementing and my daughter was never confused. I just love the convenience of b___stfeeding not to mention the benefits. I really only did the bottle when we were in public, etc. Although not a problem, I personally could never get used to feeding in public and it seems I would always struggle to get my b___st out w/out exposing myself.


C - October 29

My sister waited as suggested until my niece was 6 weeks and she refused a bottle. My sister never got her to take a bottle. I like you was more afraid that this would happen because I had to go back to work at 6 weeks. I was afraid he'd scream the whole time at the sitters. I was going to wait a few weeks but he had a hard time latching on and my milk didn't come in until day 5. He went from 8 pounds 13 oz. to 8 pounds and was jaundice by day 4. His doctor said she'd let me try nursing for 24 more hours before she was going to have me supplement with bottles. I did end up giving him a bottle on day 5 because he just kept crying and seemed so hungry. I then mostly b___stfed but he would take either. I think it has a lot to do with the type of nipple you use. My son does best with the Playtex Natural nipple but he'll also take the Avent nipple as well. Nipple confusion does exist but if you are afraid your baby will reject the bottle, I suggest introducing by week 3.



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