Bottle Before Bedtime

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Heidi - October 29

I'm br___tfeeding but thought about pumping a bottle's worth to feed my 3 wk old before bedtime in hopes she sleeps a little longer because she'll be getting more milk. Anyone have any success with this? Maybe I'm wrong but I think I'm pumping more than when she br___tfeeds at night and if she's a little fuller she might sleep a little longer. Right now she's up every 3 hours like clockwork to feed. Otherwise I've only been pumping and freezing the milk. Does anyone's nipples hurt like h__l too? They're not cracked anymore but they seem to sting. Even at night if I lay on them just the littlest bit they sting and ache like crazy. They don't look red or infected or anything, just hurt like heck!


C - October 29

From what I've heard giving a bottle will not help them sleep longer. In my experience once your baby gains weight they'll sleep longer. This happened for me at 6 weeks because I have a big boy. I actually think it's a good idea to give her a bottle so that way someone else can feed her here and there and she's not solely depedant on you. 3 weeks is a good time to start, in my opinion.


Heidi - October 29

She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz at birth and at two weeks she had gained an ounce. She eats like a horse and I thought she'd weigh much more at birth. She hardly fits into any of her clothes!


Eryn - October 30

Thats pretty good if she is sleeping every three hours at her age. Mine is 7 weeks and sleeps every two hours on the dot. I've tried the bottle before bed thing and it didn't work. Try using Lansinol for your nipples it helped when mine stung.


C - October 30

My son was 8# 13 oz. at birth and by two months he weighed over 14 pounds. Keep feeding her on demand and slowly as she grows she'll sleep longer and longer. I started giving my son a bottle in the middle of the night because it went so much faster than nursing. Also, my husband could get up with him too so I wasn't a zombee. My friend had a little girl and she didn't start sleeping through the night until she was 9 months. You just never know. Also, once she's 4 months you can start giving her cereal and that should help too.



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