Bottle Feeding And Getting Uterus Back To Normal Size

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Vaun - August 26

I will have to bottle feed due to necessary medications, and while all magazines tout the obvious pluses of br___tfeeding, I see no solid info for those of us who can't. I know br___tfeeding shrinks uterus back to normal more quickly than bottlefeeding, but does the uterus shrink back to its usual size after bottlefeeding (exclusively) and if so, how long does it typically take? Also, where else can I find what to expect from bottle feeding--I certainly know all the minuses, but I'd like to hear something that doesn't make me feel like a horrible mother. Thank you. Vaun


brucen - July 31

Here are some benefits of b___st feeding: First, with today's commercial formulas for newborns, you don't have to feel that you're depriving your baby of any necessary nutrients. It allows fathers to spend more time caring for their baby. This isn't just a matter of family efficiency or fairness. The time spent feeding a baby allows fathers to feel more like an integral and needed part of their child's life from the very beginning. That not only helps the father-child relationship, it can prevent feelings of jealously and resentment as well. Here are a couple of sites you can check out:,,240125_277694,00.html


.... - August 26

Brucen,Formula does not have all the nutrients b___stfeeding has..Nor the antibodies that are in colostrum produced especially for your baby.amd second of all, your paragraph states "benefits of b___stfeeding", you mean "bottle feeding" lol


brucen - August 26

Yes, I did mean bottle feeding. From the orginal post, I gathered Vaun already knew the benefits of b___st feeding and wanted to be rea__sured about bottle feeding. Bearing all of that in mind, I did not mention the benefits of b___stfeeding as it would not have contributed anything positive. Secondly, I did not intimate that formula had all of the benefits of b___stfeeding;only that it had all of the NECESSARY nutrients required by the Food and Drug Administration. I am glad you asked for clarifation and thanks for editing !


Daisy - September 17

I have the same question you do Vaun - How long does it take the uterus to shrink back to normal when you do not b___stfeed.


Mar - December 2

what are the benefits of bottle feeding


michelle - February 24

I was told by my ob/gyn that the uterus of a formula feeding mother always stays a liitle bigger. He also said that the uterus of a woman who ebf does go down to its prepregnant size.


flossie787 - May 19

I would agree with Brucen's reply and also add that another benefit is that you can eat and drink pretty much what you want! Interestingly, I watched a programme about all the parabens and other nasties in cosmetics and toiletries, and they said that in come cases bottle feeding is actually healthier for baby because mothers have a build up of these chemicals in their bodies and they are present in b___st-milk. You can cut down on exposure to parabens etc by only using toiletries, household products and so on that are 100% organic, natural, paraben free etc, but you have to start doing so a good few months before you start b___st-feeding.



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