Bottle Feeding Breastmilk

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Talia - August 27

is it possible to bottle feed your baby with br___t milk? i have to admit i want the very best for little love but the idea of br___tfeeding kind of scares me, i dont know anyone who has ever done it personally and i like the idea of bottle feeding much better, however i do know that br___t milk is best. has anyone ever done this successfully or know anyone who has? please negative comments and overly personal opinions are respectfully not wanted. Thanks!


Jen - August 27

I was exactly the same way. I gave my son a bottle the first day in the hospital and then next day when I got home I started to pump and gave him b___st milk in a bottle. I just could not/would not b___st feed. I had a huge adversion but wanted him to get my milk. I had to pump and supplement with formula for awhile. I kept pumping till he was three months and it worked out fine for me and I was happy with it. I am going to do the same thing with this pregnancy.


Talia - August 27

Thanks so much Jen, its great to know I am not alone and someone else has done it!


wenling - August 28

i pumped and fed my baby exclusively for the first 1 and half month. and on and off til the 3rd month til i could get him to latch on better. Now my baby is 4mths old i feed him direct most of the time. So it's possible. Your baby having your milk in a bottle is better than having no mother's milk at all.. it's just that pumping is tiring cos everytime my baby cries for milk, i heat up milk to feed him. the 3-4mins feels so long when you have a fussing baby in your arms. and when i finally bottlefed him, milk was always leaking from 1 b___st and the other b___st that didn't leak felt really engorged. .


KH - August 28

it definitely is possible. your milk supply won't be as high if you're pumping, so you will prob. have to supplement, but any b___stmilk is better than none :)



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