Bottle Feeding With Breast Milk Only

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Kim - July 19

I am having my third and last child. Is it normal to just want to feed from a bottle with br___t millk? I don't want to nurse my baby on my br___t but I do want to br___t feed because it is healthier.


to kim - July 20

b___st milk is best anyway they get it. If it is stored it does loose some antibodies and nutrition but is healthier than formula. Also not getting it directly from you the baby will loose some skin on skin contact. Research has found out newborns need at least 1 hour of skin on skin contact with mom and nursing is one way for them to get this. I would make sure you pump enough. Pumping is harder than nursing. You need to pump longer to get enough milk for one feeding than if you nursed the bub. It can be done and b___stmilk is better than formula anyway you slice it. Good Luck.


C - July 20

My friend did this and she only lasted a month. It would suck to have to pump every 3 hours to have enough milk. You might try either doing both (b___st and pump) or pump and supplement with formula if you can't pump enough. They do say that if you don't have a hospital grade pump at first your milk may not come in as good. Not sure if this is true or not. A lot of things I was told about b___stfeeding are not true for me.


Alison - July 29

I did this with my first (6 months of torture!!) - not through choice (he's still an awkward so-and-so at age 11!). I hired a hospital grade pump from the NCT but it was really hard going - not only do you have to pump, then you have to feed the bottle to baby - twice the work. Managed fine with my second and it was so much easier. Given the choice, I'd choose to b___stfeed - infinitely easier than pumping, storing, sterilising, and then still having to feed bottle to baby. Good luck, whatever you decide.


terri - July 29

i agree, b___st milk is best any way they get it. more effort, but worthwhile.


V - August 4

I gave birth 8 weeks ago and my baby wasn't able to latch on so I started to pump. I bought myself and Ameda pump - it's very good! I agree b___stfeeding is better but pumping works for me. I'm having too much milk and this way I can empty both my b___sts at each pumping. My husband helps me with the feeding at night while I pump. I thought my baby wouldn't be able to b___stfeed any more, but last week I tried and she was able to latch on well - so these days I b___stfeed her every evening after bath but still pump the rest of the day. It just works for me too well to switch - but I want to be close to her at least once a day that's why I give her my b___st in teh evenings. I wish you as good luck as mine!


P - August 4

A friend of mine pumped exclusively for twins for six months. Apparently she had no troubles at all. She rented a hospital grade pump for the duration.


monica - August 8

I pump every 3 hours. my baby is almosts two weeks old. I actually like pumping better than b___st feeding. I can get 4 oz. in about 10 minutes and he eats 3 oz every two hours so I have enough for him at this time. Plus my husband gets to help me feed him at night and my son likes to feed his baby brother as well.



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