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wv_red - March 22

Hi ladies! I know this question has probably been asked and I am sorry if I am a repeat but I am planning on BF and possibly supplementing when I go back to work. My question is about bottles, more or less which bottle is easier for a baby to br___tfeed and bottle with out becoming confused?? Like what are some pros and cons with the brands and which one do you prefer more. Thank you ladies ahead of time for your input and your advice on this!!!


Meval - March 31

I really love the Original Playtex Nurser system. I used these bottles for my oldest daughter (9yr) who I bf and now for my 4 month old lo. I pump my milk and pour the milk in the gerber milk bags which work so perfectly with the playtex bottles. It's so easy to use and clean. My hubby & friend (who babysits while I work) have no trouble using these bottles. The great benefit is that my lo has never had a problem going back and forth from the bottle to b___st. I would say to buy one bottle and try it yourself. These bottles have been around for almost 20yrs!!


ACG - March 31

I've been using the "b___st flow" bottles by 1st Years. They were recommended to me by a lactation consultant and are supposed to be the most like the b___st. They are a little harder to clean than most bottles b/c of the double nipple, but other than that, I really like them. I know they have them at Babies R Us. - April


britt_m - April 3

When my dd would take a bottle we used the playtex nurser, the nipples are very soft. We used the brown ones. These also say they are most like the b___st. Some people think its a pain b/c of the bags, but its so easy, pop a bag in and feed, throw it out and your done. You can even use the bag you put the milk in after you pump. These were recommended to me by the La Leche League ladies. Of course your lo may prefer some other bottle and refuse some, even nipples. You may want to buy one of a few different kinds and a few different nipples for them, like two or three bottles with different nipples, just to see what works best for your lo! Good luck!


lisa mc - April 9

my first daughter absolutely refused any kind of bottle i had my second daughter 2 weeks ago and expressed milk when it came in and gave her a bottle and she is absolutely no problem. i think they key is to introduce a bottle in first couple of days. i b___stfeed my daughter all day and through the night but give her last feed at night by bottle and she takes it no problems!!


lily10 - April 24

I used the playtex original nurser as well and my dd took to them...well when she was good and ready, that is. They are also BPA free so that is another plus and their are quite a few nipples to pick from, such as latex, silicone, and orthodontic. Also stick to the slow flow nipples for as long as you nurse.


mjvdec01 - April 24

I would find out which bottles are BPA free and chose from them.



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