Bout Ready To Give Up B F With 4 Mo Old

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jlong - January 26

D/d is almost 4 mos. She sleeps great at night (9-10 hrs). However, I nurse her all day, sometimes every hour yet she always seems hungry. Is it possible my nursing isn't enough? I know babies go through growth spurts but these shouldn't last for weeks on end should they? I haven't been supplementing but she seems rather old to be needing to nurse every hour. I don't want to give up b/f but I'm worn out and want to make sure the baby isn't going around hungry. Advice?


krc - January 26

unless she is LOSING weight, then she is getting exactly what she needs. Maybe she is just snacking rather than eating, and is taking advantage of the warmth and security of being cuddled in your arms and latched on! My son is 6 motnhs old and during the day he eats and is done...but at night he needs to be latched on all night!!! Or thats how it seems to me ( we co-sleep). I wouldn't stop b___stfeeding though. Watch closely to her eating pattern, if you can tell she is comfort sucking and not eating, then take her off the b___st if you want. Otherwise...she'll milk you for all you've got, LITERALLY, LOLOL!


HEATHER - January 26

OMG be thankfull she is sleeping so well at night, that is why she is nursing all day!!! Give it another 2 months pretty soon you will introduce foods inplace of some of her "nursing" meals.


nancy37 - February 4

jlong, I've read many of your questions and every time I do I think we have the same dd. Mine is coming up on 4 months and she too sleeps well at night, but wants to nurse all day. I keep waiting for the "magic" day when I can go 2 or 3 hours between feedings. I share your frustration and exhaustion, but as stated above, try and continue a little longer. I'm hopeful once supplementation starts with other foods that my little one will be able to spend a bit more time engaging in other activities! I don't think she's going around hungry, as she seems to be gaining weight normally. Hang in there!


SuzieQ - February 5

i'm kind of the opposite - my dd has finally been able to go up to 2 1/2 hours without eating during the day. She was stuck to my b___bs until about 13 weeks old . I really hope your lo's start soon too!


Brenda M - February 5

Hi glad to see you again! I'm a__suming that your daughter has gotten through the illness that she had in those first three weeks? YAY! Good luck with the feeding--I went through some trying times as well, but you'll make it! Brenda



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