Bra At Night

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Mindee - October 31

Do you guys were a bra at night? If not do you leak? Also if binding your br___ts is what you do to dry them up is wearing a tight bra to bed at night going to hurt the milk supply?


Jamie - November 1

I wore a bra to bed for about the first...month and a half; but my supply has dropped significantly, so now I don't have to; I still leak from one side as I nurse the other, but I just put a cloth diaper on that side to absorb the leakage. If you're nursing consistantly, a tight bra probably won't affect your supply too much, but be careful about how tight, because it can make stretch marks worse. I'd say, rather than wear a bra that's too small, go ahead and splurge on one or two nursing bras that *really* fit. I mean, have yourself professionally measured and order off the internet if you're a wierd size (like me, 32-F)


Shannon - November 1

glad someone answered this question. i've been wearing a bra at night because i leak like crazy and don't enjoy soaking my pajamas and the bed. i haven't notcied my supply letting up any yet. i still have to change my nursing pads or whatever their called a few times a day because they're soaked.


KFish - November 1

I wore a bra at night becaus of leakage. The nursing bra I wore did not bind my b___st. Make sure that you get fitted with the correct size for a nursing bra. I am normally a 34C. When i was nursing I was a 38E.


Jamie - November 1

A really good place to get a GOOD nursing bra is (Remove any hyphens or underscores) There's a good selection of bras, and they've got just about every size, including 32F and also tells you how to measure yourself. And, they ship REAL quick! I got mine in less than a week.


New mom - November 1

Nursing bra are available in every mall, walmart, maijers, target..u can try them there to find out which one will one fit for u...i don't know about others but i just can't stand even a minute without bra, i wear a bra 24/7..i'm 32 B and if i don't wear a bra i feel so strange specially at night i can't sleep without wearing it..


Heidi - November 1

I finally bought a couple Playtex nursing bras, no underwire, and I wear them to bed with pads or else I wake up soaking wet. Nasty!!!!



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