Brand New Baby Won T Eat

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concerned - April 14

My best friend just had her first daughter 5 days ago and is having alot of trouble br___tfeeding. While in the hospital her milk had not come in yet and so she fed her colostrum and when the baby was still hungry gave her small amounts of formula in a cup. When her milk finally came in, the baby rejected her milk, and would only accept it from a cup or dropper. They tried to deny the baby the formula and try only with the br___t, but the baby would only sleep through feedings and lost all her energy or would otherwise cry and still not accept the br___t. She bought a br___t pump inorder to give the baby br___t milk rather than formula, and the baby had no problems with this, but still no br___t. Even if the milk was flowing quickly (by this point she is also so engorged her milk squirts all the time) the baby would not suck. She doesn't suck on the bottle either, but can still get milk and therefore preffers it. The poor thing is barely eating and her even worse off mother is getting very frustrated and is afraid her baby is traumatized by her br___t because of her insistance. I have br___tfed my first child (8 weeks with #2 today!) but have given her every tip i can think of. Nothing helps. She has tried everything we (and her nurse) can think of and she is now being reffered to a specialist (but may not get in few atleast a few days). If any one can offer any suggestions those two would be so happy. Thanks.


j - April 15

i had the same problem with my first baby but i have inverted nipples which means the nipple is inside and needs to be sucked in order to come out.Maybe your friend has this problem?keep pumping and keep trying to give the baby milk even if from a bottle its ok you do not want her to get dehydrated.You can get shells that make ths nipple pop out ask the lactation nurse about this.Sorry that is all i can think of in the mean time good luck to your friend it too my daughter one month to catch on,it was very hard and frustrating time for me.


Maleficent - April 15

i would not wait a few days for a specialist, i would demand to be seen immediatly. personally i would stop all cup and bottle feedings and only offer the b___st, but hesistate to give that advice without knowing what's going on first hand. how does baby look? any jaundice? is the soft spot sunken in? how many wet diapers? if the baby is still doing well (sleepyiness is pretty normal) then i would keep persisting with brfeast only, but it sounds like you need to help her get some hands on help from a lactation consultant. my e-mail is [email protected] i can see if i can help you find someone in your area.



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