Breast Bottle Question Please Help

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Mindee - October 19

My daughter is 3 weeks old, she is br___tfed, but she seems to eat better if I pump the milk and feed it to her from a bottle rather that nurse her. She does this weird thing when I put her to the br___t, she moves her head around like she cant find my nipple even if it is in her mouth and then when she does start sucking she sucks for a little bit and then comes off, she will eventually get latched on and suck good it jsut takes her a while, where if I give her a bottle she sucks 4 oz down like its nothing, when she nurses I do good to get her to nurse for 7 min on each side. She is growing, she weighed 6 lbs and 12oz at birth and when she went to the dr yesterday (3 week checkup) she weighed 8lbs and 4oz. Has anyone even experienced anything like this before. Any advice would be a great help, this is my first time and I am nervous that she is not getting enough while nursing, can I or should I just pump and feed it to her with a bottle? Can you even do that or will you lose your milk supply? Thanks again


Eryn - October 19

My daughter does the same thing,I feed her a bottle two-three times during the day so I can get some good feedings in, She is now 5 weeks. I have notice my milk supply go down (I don't pump like I should) Make sure you pump lots and you will be fine. Good luck


Jamie - October 20

Stop giving her the bottle; it'll take a few days, but she'll get better at nursing. Bottles are easier to drimk from. Also, the average feeding is 5-10 minutes per side, so 7 min is completely normal. If you want to make sure she's getting enough hindmilk, nurse her from one side at each feeding, rather than offering the second b___st, and alternate b___sts with each feeding.


Mena - October 20

My son did the same thing, so I also stopped giving him the bottle for about a month when he was about 6 weeks old & breatfeeding got much better after that... I think he just needed some practice. But actually it worked almost too good because now he's 4 months & will not take a bottle anymore without fussing, he only wants the b___st & seems to throw a tamtrum if I try to put a bottle in his mouth.


s - October 22

try to b___stfeed exclusively. my son did the exact same thing until he was two weeks. it just takes a LOT of practice on both parts. it is hard and very frustrating. i wanted to quit b___stfeeding so bad the first couple of weeks...i didn't know if he was getting enough, etc...just make sure you get her to nurse from one b___st for a while to get the fatty hind milk as jamie suggested. you might want to try to stay at the first b___st a little longer than 10 minutes though just to make sure b/c it sounds like she puts up a little fight when she's feeding. it's hard at first, but my son is now 10 weeks and he's a pro at the b___st now. he does get a bottle of expressed milk every now and then when i go out...that started after 5 weeks of b___stfeeding exclusively. also, another note: there is nothing that will express more milk than an infant pump could ever beat that. my cousin could only b___stfeed her second child for three months b/c she just pumped for him...her supply did diminish. your daughter sounds like she is very very healthy though, so you are doing something right.



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