Breast Feed After Nipple Piercing

13 Replies - January 24

i am in my 13th week, this is my second pregnancy. my daughter is almost 8 years old. a few years ago i had a piercing in my left nipple. i took it out after a year because it was infected. now (over a year later) i still get a white discharge from the two holes on either side of my nipple where the piercing was. i asked my doctor if this would effect br___t feeding and he said it might, but we'll have to see if that closes up before delivery. i'm worried that if it doesn't close up, if i use my left br___t to nurse, will this hurt the baby? last night i had a dream that i gave birth to twins and had to feed both of them from my right br___t!!!! anyone else have this problem???


hutcho1984 - January 25

Hi. I had the exact same situation with a nipple peircing. It hasent affected b___st feeding in any way , i've been nursing my daughter 8 weeks and it hasent caused any problems. Its just another couple of holes for milk to come out! lol. I dont think u have to worry unless the discharge changes colour or smells. Nic x - January 25

wow! thanks, i feel much better knowing someone else had the same issue! so do you still notice the discharge now that you're nursing?


hutcho1984 - January 25

nope. its actually completly cleared up. - January 26

well thanks again! i hope mine goes away too!


Mommy_to_be - January 27

I had my nipples pierced and took them out when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. I had white discharge out of the holes when I squeezed them for the whole pregnancy. I asked my ob/gyn and she said it wasn't an infection and would not make any difference in my bf-ing. My beautiful, big, and healthy daughter is now almost 9 weeks and the discharge is gone...and b___stfeeing is going great. - January 29

when did you notice the discharge was gone? was it sometime during pregnancy or during b___st feeding? and does milk really come out of those hole too??? lol


Mommy_to_be - January 29

I noticed the discharge was gone after my milk came in (3-4 days after my dd was born)...sometimes I see a drop of milk leaking from a couple of the holes, but it's not like a steady stream comes out like it does out of the nipple.


kellens mom - January 29

All I can say about this topic is "Ouch"! - January 30

actually the piercing it self didn't hurt, but the healing time after did. i appreciate all of your input girls!! thanks again


lindsay - January 31

i had my left one done and have successfully b___stfed 1 child, and am still nursing my almost 8 month problems--- ever!


hutcho1984 - January 31

i didnt find the peircing or the healing all that painful. Although i did catch a deoderant bottle on it a few times which hurt like hell! - February 2

well, i'm glad to hear all this good news of the discharge going away. i must admit i was very concerned about it. i'm noticing now that its decreasing (probably cause my nipples are getting bigger lol) but i think my nipple piercing days are over....for now anyway!


tntpimp - February 6

I have an 8 month old son, and right now i am 11 weeks pregnant. I had both of my nipples pierced before my first pregnancy, and took them out when i found out, because i wanted to b___st feed. i didnt produce enough mild to feed my son and after a week, the milk completely dried up. i wasnt planning on getting pregnant again, so i got my nipples repierced. again, when i found out i was pregnant, i took them out. i hope to be able to b___stfeed this time. both times, i had the white discharge, already, it has pretty much gone away this time. im glad to see that other people have been able to successfully b___stfeed after nipple piercings!!!



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