Breast Feed Jaundice

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wenling - May 6

I gave birth to my son on 25th apr. For the first 4 hours after birth,I had to be observed cos of my blood pressure. I didn't get to br___t feed. Then when i was sent to the postpartum ward, my baby refused to take the br___t. The nurses did not feed him anything(no glucose or formula). I had the hospital's 2 lactation consultant to help but still no luck. Finally, I hand expressed my colostrum for my extremely hungry baby, then fed him with a syringe. now that i am happily feeding him my expressed br___t milk, more probs set in... he's got this condition called br___t milk jaundice.. I really am so lost.. Cos riht from the start, I didn't get much family support to b/f..


Maleficent - May 6

it's like the normal jaundice but it tends to set in later and last a little longer. if it gets bad there are blood tests that can be done to figure out how baby is doing. in the mean time b___stfeeding is your #1 option. alot of (stupid) doctors say that if you give formula it will go away but it's not true. talk to a lactation specialist before starting formula, it's worht a second opinion. getting baby out in the freash air can help, so can letting the baby get some sun. we laid our daughter in front of a sunny window and let her soak up the natural vitamin D that she needed. so long as baby is wetting 8-10 diapers and the whites of his eyes are clear you're still in good shape.


wenling - May 7

The whites of his eyes are a little yellow, i think. when we left the hospital, his bilirubin level was 147(day 3).. then at day 8, it rose to 201. and 2 days later(day 10) it was 212. At day 11 after 12 hours of feeding formula, it was 189. It's really hard to see your newborn go thru so many blood tests. I visit this government aided clinic, so I see a diff doc every time.. The first just told me to supplement. The 2nd said to wean my baby temporarily from the b___st which i did for a day to supplement with the s26 formula. As you can see, it brought the jaundice down a litle. But what i want to know is when i can bf again?? the 2nd doc also said something abt the sunlight being the whole spectrum of light and it won't work as phototherapy would. And, my 3d doc say I should continue to bf. I'm really confused.. Now my parents seem to think that my baby will get sick if i bf and are insisting that i formula feed him even after the jaundice have gone down slightly... As i've said in my previous entry, my baby can't latch on even with the help of the 2 lactation consultants. He just refused to. Oh ya. After the formula, he was also constipated for hours. Cried non stop for so long.. and he's only so young.


michelle - May 7

Breastmilk is still best for your son. Sunlight will help reduce the jaundice. Make sure he is getting plenty of fluids - b___stmilk, etc. - to help his organs process the excess bilirubin in his system. Breastmilk does not cause jaundice. There is a physiological difference between jaundice in newborns and jaundice caused by liver failure in adults. Some doctors don't seem to know the difference. Sunlight and b___stmilk and a b___st friendly doctor are what your son need.



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