Breast Feeding And Have Implants S

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kstill - February 15

Hello ladies. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and can't decide whether to br___t feed or not. I know I have plenty of time to decide...just wanted to see if there is anyone out there who has been in the same situation. I got impants, under the muscle, about 4 months ago and I'm worried if I br___t feed it will ruin my br___ts. They look spectacular right now and I did spend A LOT of money on them....but I really want to try!! Anyone br___tfed with implants?? Was it worth it?? Curious how it will effect them. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks girls!!


Miriam - February 15

kstill, the bad news is that even if you don't b___stfeed your b___sts might get ruined. I actually know someone like that. your b___sts get bigger during pregnancy and that alone can stretch them out. Now your question about it being worth it. Although I do not have implants (but hopefully will get them one day), my b___sts did get ruined from pregnancy/b___stfeeding and I would do it all over again. Not only is b___stfeeding a great health advantage for a baby but I love the closeness to my baby and enjoyed the whole experience imensly. In our society not b___stfeeding is taken very lightly when if fact that is the normal way to feed a baby. Finally, I wanted to ask you how you had them put in. If it was through the nipple, then the whole thing might already be decided for you. On the bright side, Pamela Anderson b___stfed both her sons, so people definetly do it.


Guest - February 15

Hi kstill, I have b___st implants under the muscle as well..and I am currently b___stfeeding my little 2 1/2 month old very successfully. My b___sts did get somewhat bigger but..they still look dh can vouch for me on that. I feel great that I have been given the opportunity to BF my little one. No amount of money or vanity could stop me from giving my baby the BEST start in life through b___stmilk. The changes are minor if any and well worth the cost. I say go for it...they will still look great and your baby will reap the benefits!!!!!!!


kstill - February 15

That is such a load off my mind!! I've always wanted to b___st feed but have just recently been having reservations about it. I guess I'm just worried that if my b___sts change, I won't be desirable. I think it's just my hormones making me think this way. Thanks for rea__suring me, I feel SOOO much better...especially hearing from you Guest...someone who has them and knows what it's like and what it does to you!! Congrats by the way!! Miriam-they went in through my armpit so I think I'm good to go!! And you are both so right, there is nothing more important then giving your baby the best start you possibly can. I've always heard what a wonderful experience it is to b___stfeed and so did not want to miss out on it!! Thanks girls!!! Take care!!


Kena - February 19

kstill, I posted a similar question a few months back and got smart a__s answers. I personally don;t think there is anything wrong with being concerned about how your breat will look afterwards. I b___stfed my first baby and got impants b/c they looked so bad afterward. This time around I chose not to b___stfeed because I was scared that they would become saggy again. I did not b___stfeed and wore sports bras my entire pregnancy to keep them from hanging. They still look great. As for my baby she is very healthy. Only thing is, when my milk came in I felt like I had ppd b/c I was so depressed from feeling guilty. So it's your decision, bu if you do b___stfeed I would suggest wearing sports bras especially at night.


HEATHER - February 21

hay, kstill. I b___stfed my dd for 11 months, no problems what so ever and I actually love my b___sts much more now than I did after I had the surgery.


kstill - March 2

Thanks soooo much for the encouragement girls! I am definitely going to try it. I already have stretchmarks (only 10 wks :(:(:( ) so I am going to expect more changes as they get bigger and my milk comes in. I guess time will tell! I can always get them lifted if need be. I just didn't want to have to go through the pain of surgery again! Oh well.


Miriam - March 2

Good luck to you. I just wanted to add that since you are planning to b___stfeed you should read up on it. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is a good resource.


kstill - March 5

Wonderful. I will do that. Thanks for your help



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