Breast Feeding And Wine

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LW - May 8

Hi All! I am 38 weeks pregnant and am DYING for a glass of wine. YUM. I know that some will say that a little alcohol during pregnancy is ok and I'm sure that it is. It really is just not my thing though and I'm happy to wait it out. Once she's here however..... ;-) is a glass ot two of wine safe while br___tfeeding? I know that many people have spoken of "ratios" where you wait a certain amount of hours per drink before you feed again etc etc. Any ideas? Thanks!!


mom42 - May 9

I used to have a link to a website that actually has a chart on it of how long to wait, based on your body weight, etc. You can probably find it through a web search. Key points are to have a drink or two right after you nurse, best if it is during the baby's longer period of sleep. Of course, you're talking to someone who has brought a bottle of Asti Spumante to the hospital to celebrate the births of both of my kids! BTW-They will chill it for you if you ask : )


Ruby - May 10

Alcohol metabolizes through your milk the same as it does through your blood,so, base your feeding on your "buzz" If you are no longer feeling the effects of the wine your baby will not either a good web site is they have some good info. p.s pumping and dumping does nothing , don't waist your time, because like I said it will be in your blood steam regardless.


climbergirl - May 11

Hi, I have a 3 mo old baby and I started having a gla__s of wine when she was about 8 weeks old. I start drinking it while she is nursing as it won't hit my blood stream until she is finished. I never have more than 2 small gla__ses of red wine. And I always have 2 large gla__ses of water with them. I think this is okay. :)


Vicki915 - May 17

i found the chart mom42 was talking about. i occasionally have a drink r two and wait about 2.5 hours to feed. so i usually drink right after feeding my DS. heres the link:



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