Breast Feeding On One Breast

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ssarah777 - December 29

My baby is 2 months old and is gaining lots of weight( he already weighs 14 lbs!!) My question is, he will only bf on the right br___t and I give him like 2 ozs of formula to compensate for the other br___t. Somtimes he doesn't want any more he acts full after nursing that one br___t, is that possible that he gets enough to eat just on one side? My mother says I am feeding him too much with formula when he is okay with just the one br___t.....


wv_red - December 30

If he is happy on one b___st so be it. Some babies are like that... they favor one side. You wont need to supplement because your body will produce what he need even off of that one b___st. Now if anything you may want to pump on the other side so it will have milk production too and you can try to trick him by doing different position on the left. All in all he will be fine and healthy just nursing off of one side if he wont take the left. But if you can help it dont supplement. It hurts you from producing. Hope this helps! Good luck!


countrymom - January 15

Hi ssararh777.This is very common. Babies need to learn to accept both b___sts. If you persevere in offering the unpreferred b___st, he will eventually start to take it. Here's an a___logy. Just because they don't like their vegetables doesn't mean they get a pa__s on not eating them. My dd hated my left b___st from the time she was born. My right nipple was so raw and sore from her always taking that one. I kept offering her the left one and after about 3 weeks, she started to show a greater and greater interest. It took probably a good 3 months before she took them with the same interest. It's been 13 months now and I'm still nursing, although much less. I've never had milk production in my left as great as my right but it is still quite adequate.. Try putting him upside down on your left b___st---you should see his feet in your face. Your dh will have to help you. One of you holds the b___st off his nose, the other holds the feet from kicking you. Sounds strange but it really helps to get them comfortable with the unpreferred b___st. Also, for about the first 9 months, I fed my dd off ONE b___st for each feeding. I switched back and forth. She was in the 95th percentile for her weight until about a year where she levelled off.


Guest - January 19

My daughter preferred my left side. But my left side ways the better producer. I also could only let down on the right if I fed on the left first and not vice versa. So she would struggle with the right if I gave it to her first. So my advice would be to do the left when you let down offer the right and just move your b___st over and keep the baby in the same spot. This worked for me.


Guest - January 19

Oh P.S. your baby will get an adequate amount from one b___st only because it still works on supply and demand. Continue to have the baby suckle on your other b___st to stimulate your supply or you may lose your supply out of that b___st.


Mim42 - February 27

I've been there! My son did the same thing. Eventually, with LOTS of coaxing, he accepted both. I almost quit nursing because of this, but we made it through. The sooner you can get your little one to comply the better because my b___sts were COMPLETELY a__symetrical! I actually ended up buying silicon inserts so that I could use one on the left side and where normal clothes!!!!!!!!



hi ther i have a question, i dont know how to start this but ill just ask here?????????????? my 9 month old bit me and the sore on my nipple is small but raw, my husbands told me not to b___stfeed on that side because my baby is sick now with something i dont know, so i havent used that side in 2 days been having panadol for the pain of the hardness, my question is will the milk go away, and cad you have 1 b___st for feeding and the other without?????



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