Breast Feeding Pain

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Leslie2005 - April 7

Is br___t feeding painful for some women or no? If so, does it still hurt w/ a br___t pump? I don't have fact I've never had s_xual contact w/ anybody really...too scared and focused on other things right now, but I was just wondering.,


Maleficent - April 8

no, it's not always painful. it really depends on how well baby latches on, and those are problems that be easily fixed.


Stacey - April 12

Its extremely painful for me and the lactation specialist say he's latched on right


michelle - April 12

Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt.


joan - April 12

Unfortunately I had sore nipples for about 4 weeks after the birth of my third. I thought I was doing everything right, however, I now realize he wasn't latched on just right. His jaw wasn't opened wide enough to cover the entire areola. It doesn't have to be painful or hard to b___stfeed. You just have to make sure you do everything right.


Steph - April 12

Beside checking that the baby's mouth is covering the areola, make sure his lips are also pursed, as if sucking on a straw. Most people don't check for this! Yes, b___stfeeding can be painful at first, but just like exercising and sore muscles, the more you do it, the less painful it is. I found it more uncomfortable than painful, but you get used to it, and eventually you can't feel a thing!! :-)


Maleficent - April 13

stacey, how old is your baby? there are other things that could be going on besides his latch. is one area more painful than another? the babys latch is always the first suspect, but if your having a hard time it couls be something else. e-mail me if you have questions. really, things should start to feel fine after the first 2 weeks. [email protected]


Andrea - April 14

Breastfeeding was painful for me in the beginning -but only on one side so I'm sure I wasn't doing it quite right. Eventually my baby and I got the hang of it and all the pain and discomfort went away. I'm expecting my second baby and I plan on b___stfeeding again. It's the best thing for the baby.


To, Leslie2005 - April 20

If it hurts, then your doing the whole thing wrong.


Virag - April 22

How about pumping? Does it hurt with a manual pump?


Sarah - May 18

Breastfeeding has been painful for me too. Baby is 4 weeks old. Found out baby and I have oral thrush so look out for that but I also have problems latching.


Carri - May 23

Okay, now I'm scared - I have rather large areolas that no baby could possibly get his mouth around - does that mean I'm doomed to painful b___stfeeding when he enters the world?


Toya - May 23

It shouldn't be painful if it is done correctly. Carri, the baby isn't supposed to put his mouth around your whole areola...I have big ones me, it's impossible. :) Check for the babies lips...they should not be tucked in...they should look like a fish's lips...and you'll know whether or not enough of your nipple/areola is in the baby's mouth because after 30 seconds of feeding you'll feel a tug instead of pain.



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