Breast Feeding Question

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imamommy - September 25

Hey all. My ds is 4 1/2 weeks. I was planning on br___t feeding for a while, but it doesn't seem to be working for him. First I need to let you alI know that I have had digestive problems forever. Everything I eat gives me gas. (TMI, I know.) My sweet baby also has VERY bad gas. He screams unless he is on his belly. I just cry b/c I know he is in pain. The nurse told me to cut out dairy in my diet to see how it goes. I have been doing that for 2 days now and it isn't any better. I am also a very picky eater and it is hard for me to find anything that I like that doesn't have dairy products in it. I am thinking about changing to formula for his sake. Should I talk with my doctor before chaning him over or what? Please help me with this situation. Thanks!


GloriaD - September 25

I made the difficult decision to quit b___stfeeding my three week old dd because of the medications I am on. I tried other alternatives but unfortunately I need these medicines to be healthy. I don't want her to suffer somewhere down the road because she was introduced to these medicines so early in life that she didn't need. I felt awful for having to do this because I feel robbed of a special mommy bonding thing. Make sure you're okay with your decision before you quit but these days formula is better than ever and he'll do fine on it. I would talk to your pediatrician first, I did, and make a decision from there. Good luck with everything and I hope it works out for you and your ds!


slackette - September 26

I hear when trying to figure out what foods give your baby gas you have to give it 4 days. So, if you drink milk, see if he is affected over the next 4 days - if so, you know its that. Then you can see if its broccoli, or soy, etc. Just give each food 4 days. Also, if your baby is sensitive to dairy, formula is made from cows milk, so he might be in the same situation. Also, alot of babies sensitive to dairy are sensitive to soy as well, and that is another item that formulas are made from. Dairy is the most common thing babies are sensitive to, so cut out ALL dairy. My LO is sensitive to it and I had a small yogurt the other day and a small piece of cheese on a sandwich and my LO paid the price for the next 24 hours. Try and stick with the b___stfeeding. Once you find the culprit, things should go easier. While formula is better now a days, it is not as good as b___stmilk!! GL!!


excited2bemama - September 26

Before you switch to formula know that most babies on formula have more stomach issues than b___stfed babies. There is no better food for your baby- so he will probably be just as ga__sy on formula if not more so. ALL babies go through a period where they are really ga__sy- it does get better when they get older. MY lo would scream too- you can try gas drops and gripe water- I wouldn't switch to formula because of gas. I cut out dairy products for a few weeks ( SO HARD TO DO) She was a little less ga__sy- I couldn't do the no dairy for very long so I starting eating dairy again and she was fine. Now at almost 4 months my lo still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes with gas pains- she will fart a bunch and then go back to sleep- Its normal and just something that they have to go through. At least give it another month or 2- I doubt that switching to formula would help anything. Its proteins and comopostion are harder to digest.


slackette - September 26

exited2bemama, how old was your LO when you started dairy again? My dr said that the dairy thing is just their systems are too immature to process lactose. So do you know when their system is mature enough for it? I don't think I can do 9-12 months without cheese, so I am dying to know when I should try and add dairy back!


excited2bemama - September 26

slackette- I don't remember exactly how she was. But I think she was around 1- 1.5 months when I started it and around 2 months or about 4 weeks later I tried eating regular food again and she was okay- its different for every baby. Their is no majc age. How old is your LO? I don't drink milk but I eat cheese,yogurt, sour cream etc. She wasn't allergic to it- just senistive and since she was a little improved but not much improved I figured it wasn't worth the ha__sle- I was hungry and worried about own calcium intake. I swear- I have never met a baby that doesn't have tummy/gas issues the first month or 2. and formula babies are way worse.


DB - September 26

I quit dairy for about 2 months and it seemed to help my dd tremendously...I've read it can take as long as 2 weeks to see changes though..I guess if you can live without dairy then it it to the benefit of your baby, but if you can't it is understandable...Don't worry, it's not forever either...I can eat anything now and my dd is just fine with it!!!


slackette - September 27

My LO will be 7 weeks on Saturday. I don't drink a ton of milk either, but I love all other dairy as well. I was hoping there was a magic age for the "dairy cure", but I guess not. I just had a piece of cheese on my sandwich today and I am hoping he'll be able to cope, its only one piece so fingers crossed!!


bcaoyagi - September 28

Before you stop b___stfeeding I would talk to your pediatrician. There are medications to help with the gas. I have to agree with others. Formula will probrably cause more gas and is harder to digest. Also drinking from a bottle causes more air in little tummies. I had to stop dairy because my son was allergic to it and had constant rashes and weight loss. It is hard to do but not impossible. After a while you get used to it.


bcaoyagi - September 28

Oh, I forgot to add that it took 2 weeks for the rashes to go away. Maybe if you give it a little longer? If not call your dr. There are things you can do.


slackette - September 28

Well, my LO did NOT do well with that stupid piece of cheese I had....UGH. I felt bad for him, he was grunting all morning long :( Oh well, I guess dairy really is off limits for me. I suppose I will just have to deal and get used to it!!


wailing - September 29

My ds was really ga__sy and fussy at 4-6 wks too but it went away. I think ALL babies are pretty much the same at that age. It does get better if u want to keep trying and hold out longer. Like Excited said, alot of formulas make babies even ga__sier and fussier when they switch. Be careful. good luck


Crystal83 - September 29

I am the same way imamommy, my lo squirms all over too when I try to feed her sometimes and she is always letting out gas and burping, I guess thats better than keeping it in and get a tummy ache though. She squirms and grunts and moves around all night long. I find the best way to feed her without her getting too fussy is laying on my side, and I've been eating very bland food and no dairy or caffine.



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