Breast Implants And Breast Feeding

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SaraSki - January 7

After two years of trying and being told I would not be able to have children (due to early menopause) my husband and I gave up trying. We planned a different life for ourselves that did not involve little ones. Along that note, I went in and had a br___t augmentation- and I LOVE the results.However, a week ago I found out I am 8 weeks pregnant. We are thrilled! I am nervous about br___t feeding my baby...will my implants hinder this?


Cevvin - January 8

One of my friends had 4 babies, b___stfeed them all, and had HUGE implants. Didn't hinder her a bit. But if complications arise try not to blame it on the implants and give up. Get a lactation consultant and try to fix the issues that you have.


cayingo - January 31

I had this same question as I am close to delivering and also have implants. I was told that espoecially since mine were positioned BEHIND the pectoral muscles they won't interfere with milk produciton or bfing at all. In fact I laready am producing colostrum which leaks periodically so I know I can at least make milk. I agree w/ CEVVIN about consulting a lactation consultant if difficulty arises. I nursed my DD (pre-implants) and would hate to miss the opportunity with my DS who will be here in a matter of a few weeks. Good luck, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


lily10 - February 1

I think Pam Anderson b___stfed her sons.


Guest - February 27

Yes, You can b___stfeed with implants. I am currently nursing my 14 month old. i have had great success. I got mine 10 years ago . They are saline and I had them inserted under the b___st. I have heard if you go through the nipple that can be a problem but I have no experience with that. Also, It does however change the look of your b___st as does pregnancy. But as you know the bfing is the best thing. Oh yeah my neighbor also bf her lo till she was 7 months with no problems at all too..and her friend/coworker did until she went back to work at 1 year. Go for it and congrats on your is everything going for you?



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