Breast Milk Question

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Suzie - May 23

my DD is 8 weeks old and am br___t feeding/ formula feeding and now my br___tmilk is i tried pumping while she was napping and i could only get about an ounce total. is there any way to build up my supply again?? i want to only br___tfeed cause formula is getting expensive. is it too late? ive heard of Mothers milk tea but, where can i get it? and will it help in my case? is it only available online or can i get it at the grocery store?


Susan W - May 23

Mother's Milk tea is at the grocery store. . . To rebuild your supply, nurse on demand and as much as you can with NO bottles. There is a relactation forum/message at the La Leche League website that you might really want to visit. Relactation can be hard, and I would really recommend the support there. You might also want to contact your local LLL or a lactation consultant for tips and tricks to build your supply. Meanwhile, please bear in mind that your baby is much more efficient than any pump, and what you can pump is probably a whole lot less than your baby gets when she nurses. So don't be discouraged.


jessielouwho - May 24

I haven't used it but I was thinking about the Tea myself, this site has a good deal going (remove any dashes). I had the same problem when my ds was recovering from illness, my lactation consultant told me to keep putting him on the b___st and after each feeding (or about every 3 hours) pump for 20 minutes alternating 5 minutes on each b___st. She also said the amount you produce is not what matters its important that you feel/see "let down" (when milk is squirting) 2-3 times w/in the 20 minutes session. Hope this helps.


cab - May 25

If the baby is gaining well, 4-7 ozs a week you are doing well. Drink lots of water and have baby at b___st often. Consult lactation consultant about herbal remedies- blessed thistle and fenugrek. They work very quickly.


Trac - May 28

I agree, just keep your dd at the b___st as much as possible. Your body will respond by making more milk. I have heard good things about the mother's milk tea. Oh, and oatmeal is a great food for nursing moms and it's always helped my supply.


Suzie - May 29

thank you ladies.. i did find the tea (Mothers Milk Tea) but in the list of ingredients it dose not list Fenugreek or Blessed Thistle...and i also bought some Oatmeal...I hope this works! :)


Suzie - May 29

* does Ooops!



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