Breast Pads Disposible Or Reusable

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Mommy2Be - February 6

Since my little guys should be arriving within the next few weeks I need to decide on br___t pads. Does anyone have a strong preference on disposible or reusable? What are your reasons for using what you do? Thanks in advance.


MyAngelBaby - February 6

I like the disposible better. I have some reusable which do feel like you aren't wearing them at all, but there is one problem I have with them. If you leak pretty often(which I do, but not a large amount), it soaks through. They don't seem to absorb as well as the disposible ones. I like the disposible ones because of the amount they absorb. I have never leaked with them. My hubby calls them my b___b diapers. No matter how full they are they haven't leaked on my yet. You might wanna buy some of each and just try them. They aren't expensive and I actually got my reusable ones on clearance. Hope this helps


Sarahsmommy - February 6

I never tried the reusable because I feel I already have enough to wash and didn't really want to try them. I use the Johnson and Johnson disposibles and I don't even notice. I leak a lot at night, especially now that Sarah is sleeping through the night and they don't leak. I also tried the gerber but I hated them, they didn't absorb any. So if you go with the disposible don't go with the cheap ones.


J.S. - February 6

Definatly disposibles. I always leaked through them and had a constant wet feeling


s - February 7

my reusables leak like mad. im talking full flooding. go disposable. im going to...


Carin - February 8

DEFINITELY DISPOSABLE for about a million reasons, which everyone here pretty much already told you. Johnson & Johnson round-shape ones always worked the best for me. Ina Pich once I used some free samples of another cheaper brand I got in the mail, and I was wearing a blue cashmere sweater and I had to put on my jacket halfway through the evening because of ma__s leakage. As if we don't have enough to worry about as moms.


C - February 8

I only use the disposable ones but I've thought about buying the reusable ones. At first I recommend the disposable ones becasue you do leak a lot. At least I did. After a few month you really don't leak but you want something there just in case. I would a__sume the reusable ones would be more comfortable.


lynnstress - February 9

I only leaked a handful of times - mostly overnight. I bought the reusable ones because I'm already filling up enough landfills with baby's diapers! I would suggest getting both and see what works better for you. Save your receipt, and if you do not have a leakage problem, return one of them.


Sophia - February 13

Definitely go with disposable nursing pads. I use Lansinoh contoured pads. They are the best! I've tried Gerber, they stick very bad. Johnson's is good shape-wise but still sticks. Lansinoh doesn't, and I plan to only buy this brand.


Sasha - February 13

I leak a lot. I just use maxi pads.


karen - February 14

Has anyone tried the Lily Padz silicone reusable pads? I may want to try those, but I don't know if they really work.



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