Breast Pump For Working Mom

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Karen - June 5

Hi. I'm not due for a while (Nov.) but I'm doing research about br___t pumps. After about six weeks I'll have to go back to work. There is no private room at my office to pump and there is no convenient source of electricity in the bathroom, which is a public restroom we share with the rest of the floor. (It has three stalls, the kind where you can see people's feet.) I'd like to be as discreet as possible but I also need to be quick about it (I'll be at work) and I want to br___tfeed exclusively as long as possible. For these reasons I think I need a double pump that does not need to be plugged in. The two options I've seen are battery-powered pumps and one that is powered by a foot-pedal. I've heard battery-powered pumps aren't a good choice because they don't pump as efficiently and the batteries need replacing often. I'd really appreciate any thoughts on the subject.


P - June 5

You may be better off getting a very good manual pump like the Avent Isis. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to pump both b___sts and is very quiet. Your hands will not get tired because it's not a constant high pressure pumping action. You depress the lever and hold for a couple seconds and repeat; just like milking a cow!! lol I feel like mooing every time i pump. I was told the battery operated and electric pumps aren't good for everyday use because the motors burn out easily. I've never heard of the foot operated kind. I rented the hospital grade pump and it wasn't any faster than the Avent manual for me. Good luck.


Karen - June 7

Thanks, P. It's good to get some information from an actual user than from a company website or I was reading that it took 15-20 minutes per b___st, and I thought, I can't take half an hour and disappear into the bathroom all the time! How often do you have to pump if you are b___stfeeding exclusively?


P - June 7

I'm off work still(I live in Canada-we get a year off paid) so I don't need to give her a bottle yet. I don't pump on any kind of schedule. I'm just trying to build up a supply. I freeze it right away. It also helps to increase my supply. Some postings have said that your company benefits may cover your pump so that might affect your choice. Maybe it doesn't take so long because my dd is still quite young (13 weeks) so she doesn't eat that much yet?


L - June 27

This is for P, im wondering why women get a year off after habving a baby in Canada? sorry this doesnt pretain to the origional question


C - June 28

In Canada you are offered a year dissability when you have a child. So, you'd get a certain % of your pay. I live in the states and having to go back after 6 weeks really sucked. I pump every 3-4 hours at work but luckily have an office that is vacant to use. I use the Pump In Style and it takes about 10-15 minutes total. I could not use it if the office was not vacant. I may buy one of those Avent Isis because it'd be nice to have a less cluncky system for when I go to peoples homes and need to pump.


Toya - June 28

P, I will try the Avent Isis...I have a First Years electric double pump and it is just not very efficient...It takes me 30-40 minutes to baby can empty a b___st in 5 minutes! So, I expect my pump to be able to do close to that. I hate the electric one that I have...The sucking action isn't persistent.


Jennifer - July 7

I agree, the Avent manual pump (from Target) works great! I also used it in the car while my husband was driving so we didn't have to stop as often on long trips, I would turn and around and hold it for her. I want to recommend that you pump and freeze as soon as possible, I let my valuable milk leak in to pads. I tried the electic double pump as well and ended up preferring the manual, it doesn't take that long with one pump. My biggest advice is to not give up-b___stfeeding was painful for me for the first two weeks, my baby had a laching problem. Once this was solved, it was smooth sailing!


Kristine - July 22

I just rented a Medela pump for 2 months and it was great, electric and I was able to pump both b___sts at once within half hour. My husband was also able to buy an adaptor for the car so that when we traveled I could pump in the car!!! It was GREAT. I found that if you need the pump for more than a month you should buy it and sell it later... It’s cheaper that way.



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