Breast Pump Problems

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Christina - May 26

Hello i bought a Gerber manual br___t pump and put it together like the instructions say and i can't seem to get it to work?? it has like no suction at all.. and i don't know what i could be doing wrong??? anyone out there have this same pump and know what i oculd be doing wrong?? thanks, Christina


Katie - June 1

Have you tryed calling the company to see if it maybe something you are doing wrong or a defect in the product?


pott - June 3

I hear gerber makes really bad b___st pumps... Some sales tactic So you'll give up eventually and buy their baby food..


pott - June 3

and even if you can get it to work, it hurts..


dad23 - June 3

they suggested when my wife called that the clear rubber like insert (the part that actually touches your b___st) has to be pushed on to the main housing piece hard, so that you heard an audible pop, then the suction will increase


C - June 4

I have a Madela and it works great. Very expensive though.


P - June 5

I was given a Gerber pump by my best friend because she had never been able to get it to work. After I had my baby I was speaking with a lactation consultant and she recommended that I throw it in the garbage. She said they are very poorly made and can damage your nipples. As someone else stated earlier, they are in the food business and it's not in their stockholders best interest for you to b___stfeed successfully. The Avent Isis is a very good pump. It is more expensive but I think it's worth it in the long run.


tina - June 7

I have an advent isis too.. it works wonderfully!! And it isn;t as expensive as the medela ones. try it.. it's worth the investment in the long run..


Lyn - June 11

I have the gerber b___st pump and it works great for me! But like dad23 said make sure the insert is pushed on all the way or you wont get suction or very little. If they doesnt fix it maybe your pump is messed up in some way. And for the people that say they make bad pumps just so you can't b___stfeed sucessfully...that is a load of c___p, gerber doesnt make formula..and when your baby is old enough for baby food you give them that and b___st milk. So what you said doesnt really make much sense.


michelle - June 13

Lyn, who owns Gerber?


Preeti - June 22

I also bought the Gerber manual b___st pump and put it together after sterilizing all parts. But when I tried it, there was no suction. Thinking just in case I had lost or damaged one of the parts, I got another Gerber manual b___st pump and again, NO SUCTION! This product is c___p.



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