Breast Pump Recommendation

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Pea Pod - January 15

I need to purchase a br___t pump but am finding a lot of the more affordable ones have bad reviews. I plan on mostly br___tfeeding, but would like to have a pump around for occasional use. From what I have heard and read, an electric pump is best. Please give me your recommendations on pumps that work.


HEATHER - January 15

YES!!! you will need a electric pump, and dont skimp, I LOVE my ameda!!! no toubing to clean!!! sucks great. check out quality medical they were the cheepest site when i got mine and its free shipping, I think if I remember they do a compairson chart too. Let me know if what you decide on.


bean - January 15

Medela Pump in Style Advanced! Basically the Ameda and Medela are the two top ones. You may plan on mostly bf, but the reality is you'll need that pump for all sorts of unplanned problems - such as nursing strikes, engorgement, sick or fussy baby (teething) who will only take a bottle, etc. Plus, you may want to pump milk to mix with cereals, etc. I only bf, and am rarely without dd so I never need to give her a pumped bottle, but I still use my Medela several times a week. It's expensive (try ebay for NEW pumps), but it's worth every penny.


MM - January 15

I don't recommend the First Years electric pump - mine broke after a few weeks & I couldn't return it because it had been used.


coxm3 - January 16

I totally agree with Heather! I have an Ameda Purely Yours and it is awesome. I do not have any trouble getting a great let down with it and it is super hygenic. It is also more affordable than the Medela. I am not going to say anything negative about Medela, I just like the Ameda better because it was more affordable and milk never backs up into the tubing. I use mine twice a day to pump at work, but also have to use it periodically at night to pump because ds sleeps through the night and I get engorged. If you decide to buy one, make sure the person you are buying from is an authorized Ameda dealer. If they are not, your won't have a warranty. I got mine from eBay, but the seller was an authorized dealer and has a website. Free shipping was included. The website is b___stpumps4less


Leilani14 - January 16

I have Medela Pump in Style Advanced and I'm very happy with it. I was planning to BF first 12 weeks and then pump after I go back to work, but my baby had issues latching so I've been using this pump for 4 months now, I build my milk supply with it. I know it is part mother nature and part a good pump but I have full freezer of milk.


tryingx3 - January 16

I use the Medela Pump in Style Advanced - love it...bought it off eBay NEW for about $220...shipped.


EricaLynn - January 16

I have a Medela pump in style. It is an older version (a few years old) but I love it. It was given to me, but I think online they are about 250$ ( Electric is defiitely the way to go. The pump in style is great because I can pump both sides at once, wich really cuts down on pumping time.


Erynn21 - January 17

I have an Avent Isis manual, and I love it. I mostly b___stfeed, but I work one day a week and use this to keep a little milk on hand and in the freezer. If you are looking for something inexpensive this one is nice and it is comfortable, mine cost about $55, and came w/ a carrying case and bottles, it's a nice little set-up, I know many other moms who use this for occasional pumping and like it. If your just pumping once in awhile an electric is probably overkill, but that's my opinion. Nice electric pumps are close to $300, and if you're only using it occasionally I would invest my money into other baby necessities, but that's just me. Oh yeah I do have an electric Medela In style and never use it, it was given to me by my step sis who also never used it, my Avent is just so much easier to deal with, again my opinion.


kellens mom - January 17

I use the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. I returned to work after 12 weeks. It has been a godsend to say the very least. No problems with it so far. I really like the backpack...noone suspects it is my pump! I got mine from for $200. You have to look it up on-line and get their 1800 number. They are selling below suggested retail, so they have to give price information over the phone. No delivery. It was worth every penny!


kellens mom - January 17

I meant to say "No delivery charges". In other words, shipping is free. Where is my brain today?


olhdw101 - January 18

I use the Medela Swing. It is affordable and good quality. The only down side is it is a single pump. I use mine all the time, I use it at work aswell. For what you pay you get a great pump.


ShellyC - January 19

I have a Lansinoh double electric b___st pump and I love it and it wasn't nearly as expensive as some of the other b___st pumps. It got great reviews and I think Ameda is what it's now called.


Pea Pod - January 19

Thank you all SO MUCH for your recommendations. I had my baby on Wednesday and had a lot of pain a__sociated with nursing to where I was just hating it so I decided to pump and bottle feed which is working out great. Based on your recommendations I'm using the Medela Pump In Style and I love it, it works wonderfully, so thank you!


HEATHER - January 23

glad to hear you had your baby!!! how was delivery? nursing is really hard for the first couple weeks, and can be painfull. dont forget you can always try again if you want too. Its not to late..


EricaLynn - January 25

I wanted to so bad to have that nursing bond with my daughter. But she was such a barracuda that I had negative feelings twards her when she nursed. I have tried a few times since I started pumping exclusevely. She will switch back to the b___st with hardly any objection, but I still seem to hate it. You can always try again though, and she is still getting the benifits of b___st milk which is what makes me feel good.


kerryv - January 30

what are your thoughts on buying a used b___stpump from ebay? i have never used a pump before so i dont know how many parts actually come in contact with your skin/fluids, etc.



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