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ladybug - February 2

hi ladies, i'm trying to decide what kind of pump to get. im a first time mom and i'm 20 wks. i want to register for one at target or buy my own whatever. i wanted to know if the electric ones are better or the manuel ones and which brand is probably the best working. ive read some testimonials at target and most are good for the manuel ones and not so good for the electric. i kinda of wanted manuel bc the electric ones are kinda expensive. i thought about getting either avent or medela brand but unsure to get manuel or elec. pls help me out ladies. i have no clue!!


Heidi - February 2

Do you plan on going back to work or staying home? If you stay home, I'd get a nice manual one for the occa__sional night out. You can pump once in a while and freeze a nice little supply for when you are away from your babe. But if you're returning to work, definately get an electric pump. I bought the Medela Pump In Style and just love it. All my friends use this one too and it worked great for them while away at work. It is expensive, I think around $250 at Target but you have to buy it on line. I've never seen this model in the store. They sell the next step down, which I originally bought but was told to take it back as it wasn't powerful enough to keep up a good supply. I bought my Pump In Style used for $70.00 at a children's exchange store. I bought the collection kit from my hospital and my insurance paid for everything but $11.00. That way you have sterile pieces but I still used the kit that came with the pump. Just made sure it was good and clean. E-bay has tons of these pumps for sale. You might want to go that route. Cheaper than a new one. But if you don't plan to work, I'd say a nice manual one will do the job or an inexpensive electric one. The lower grade one I got at Target was $130.00 that would be more than enough if you plan to stay home and just want to pump a small supply for night outs or time away from your babe. I hear the Avent Isis is good too. Not sure on the price though. With my pump in style I pump once in the morning and once at work and I get about 16 oz but it varys from person to person and how much milk you can produce. It comes in a nice case too and you can store a lot of other goodies in there. I put my lunch in mine cus it has a cooler compartment with ice packs. Lots of room for snacks too. Good luck and congrats!


Trac - February 3

I have the Avent Isis - it's a manual one. I don't pump very often but when I do, it's awesome! I can get 4 ounces in about 10 minutes. It did take me a few times to get any but I hear that is pretty common. Most people have said that it's best to wait at least 4-6 weeks before trying to pump, to make sure your milk supply is really built up. I've also heard good things about the Medela Pump (In Style,) although it's more expensive, it might be a better option if you are going back to work. Good luck!


Jamie - February 3

I also use the Avent Isis. I'm a stay at home mom, and rarely, if ever, away from my baby. So I only need to pump the occasional bottle, so a small manual works well for me. If you're planning on going back to work, I would recommend an electric; and, don't be put off by price tags - you can always resell the pump on eBay. In fact, check eBay for used pumps, you can usually get a great deal.


yungmama - February 3

I will be returning to work and I have registered for the avent isis (manual). Is it really that much of a ha__sle using a manual when working? I just don't want to spend that much money and I don't think anyone else will even buy the b___st pump especially if it is really expensive.


Lori - February 11

The avent isis is wonderful. I used it with both of my kids. I worked for a while after my first, and I had no problems collecting enough while working. It is by far the best manual pump out there!



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